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Got the right profile picture?

Have you ever had doubts whether a profile picture either on your LinkedIn or Facebook is appropriate or shows a good impression? Or have you been in the situation that you had couple of pictures, and you did not know which one to select as the right profile picture?

All your doubts can be solved thanks to a small online company called Photofeeler. Photofeeler provides a web application based on a crowd contribution mechanism. You can upload different pictures of yourself and have them tested on number of different attributes.

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Economics of Prosumers

Nowadays, there is a dramatic push towards renewable energy in the utility sector. Not only individual governments of various countries, but also corporations, gather together to both discuss the environmental impact of the energy sector and draft new policies to reduce carbon emissions. Conventional power plants that are generating electricity from fossil fuels are slowly being phased out, and at the same time installation of solar PV panels and wind turbines is becoming mainstream (DECC 2014). As a result, there is a dramatic shift in the electricity production spectrum.

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Crowd contesting for innovation in transportation

There are number of ways how to induce innovation in the different fields. One of the interesting methods for generating new innovative ideas and approaches is crow contesting. Crowd contesting is an open contest that allows anyone to participate with his/her idea. To guarantee the outcome quality, a strict contest requirements and schedules has to be followed by every participating individual or team. To motivate participants for joining and actively devoting their effort, different types of incentives are used, such as monetary rewards, public recognition, and sponsorship funding offers. Furthermore, often times a passion in the particular field of contest is the main driver for participants. Crow contest is an efficient way of leveraging a power of competition to generate new ideas and approaches based on the theme of the contest.

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