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The technical weakness of Bitcoin

Bitcoin, the coin of the people. But is it truly? Let’s first get back to how bitcoins work. The bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency that you can send through the internet. Bitcoin goes directly from person to person, which means that the fees are much lower, you can use them in every country, your account cannot be frozen and there are no arbitrary limits. Although, this is what bitcoin promised at the launch in 2008 (WeUseCoins, 2011).

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Staff Finder: The end of employment agencies

According to Marjolein ten Hoonte, permanent contracts and collective employee agreements do not exist in 2030. Ten Hoonte is the general manager Labor Market of Randstad employment agency. According to her, the only thing what matters in the future labor market are your skills and competences (, 2011). If this is true, then creating a platform between employees and employers would be a great opportunity.

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Should I crowdsource?

Crowdsourcing of microwork is, according to Gartner in July 2015, still an hype that is “on the rise”. This means that the first signs of a possible successful hype arises and that success stories in the media attracts people their interest. Although crowdsourcing is a term that was introduced in 2006 (Merriam Webster, 2016) research about this subject has increased in last years. An important research in crowdsourcing was done by Afuah and Tucci (2012) which argued that under certain circumstances crowdsourcing is a better option than internal sourcing or contracting.

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