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M-Commerce – Creating new opportunities?


Mobile commerce is growing rapidly and at a faster pace than e-commerce (Brohan, 2016). Currently, mobile commerce accounts for one third of total e-commerce sales. This percentage is expected to exceed the 50% mark soon. In other words, mobile commerce optimization is not a competitive advantage anymore, but a competitive imperative for companies (Roggio, 2016). Due to mobile commerce, you can buy everything you want, whenever you want. What would you buy via your mobile device? Do you have any wishes on your shopping list?

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“Brilliant creative, from creative people everywhere”


The labour market is rapidly changing as it was first known by long term employment and now more and more by ‘contingent’ workers (Eamonn, 2015). Especially contracting talent is done in a more flexible way. Reports even state that by 2020 about 60 million US people will be ‘contingent’ workers (Eamonn, 2015). Crowdsourcing platforms provide the opportunity for brands/companies to manage talent in a flexible way. Tongal is such a crowdsourcing platform, but what does Tongal actually do?

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Do group recommendations offer more value to group consumptions?

Imagine yourself going to the movies together with some family or friends. One person of the group is assigned to pick a movie and that person might be you. To have a look at the current offerings, you go to IMDb and have a look at the suggestions. Recommendations are offered to you based on your preferences. You decide which of these movies might be most suitable for the whole group. Most group consumptions are decided by only a sub-part of the group, but why not offer group recommendations?

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