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Get more than you expected on Bilibili!

“I enjoy good company rather than the video!”

Bilibili is an interactive video sharing website themed around anime, manga and game based in China. Due to its exponential growth these years, Bilibili now offers not only animations but also videos about music, dancing, sciences, entertainment, movie, drama, fashion, and live broadcasting rooms where the host of the room and the viewers are able to interact with each on the specific topics. Unlike Youtube, all the user-submitted videos on Bilibili are hosted by third-party sources.

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Hurry up! Name Your Own Price!

Since online auctions are more and more used in e-commerce activities, interactive pricing mechanism becomes a popular trend on the Internet (Bichler 2000), in which both sellers and buyers engage in exchanging bids to interactively determine the price level (Voigt and Hinz 2014). From the view of sellers, they could increase prices without losing customers by differentiating prices based on buyers’ willingness to pay, and therefore make more profits. For buyers, they can decide whether or not close the deal according to their willingness to pay, with the aim of maximizing their savings.

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Food fuels China’s O2O Craze – Dianping case

“Where are we going for dinner? Someone Dianping it!”

Food has a special meaning to the Chinese people. For years, a new word “chihuo” appears among the young generation of Chinese people, which means foodie. They enjoy exploring popular restaurants and sharing their experiences on social networks. In prospect of increase in demands of this market, the Chinese e-commerce giants are taking rivalry to food. Dianping is one of the top location based service review platforms (also launched mobile APP). In 2015, Dianping (China’s Yelp) and Meituan (China’s Groupon) merged to form O2O service giant, valuing $15 billion.

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