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Let’s start mapping and exploring the world together!

Similar to a lot of things we take for granted these days, a couple of years ago it was unthinkable what Google Street View now offers to its users. It does an incredibly good job in capturing the world and letting us explore places all over the world while enjoying a warm cup of coffee in our comfortable sofa. So far, no other company has been successful in reproducing the content Google Street View has captured. However, a Swedish start-up, Mapillary, is trying to do things differently since its inception in September 2013. Instead of constructing a representation of the world on their own, they are building a crowdsourced competitor of Google Street View by making use of pictures taken by their community of passionate contributors.

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Snapchat’s ingenious moves towards monetizing its user base

With certainty I can say that at least 99% of you are familiar with the app SnapChat, which allows you to capture your barefaced party selfies and videos and send them to your beloved friends without regretting it the day after. Since its inception in September 2011, the popularity of the app has been growing at rapid pace and this has resulted in a 100 million daily active user base worldwide. So far so good, all credits to the development team, right? However, as a similar story to most platforms, SnapChat did not even have a thought-through strategy on how to obtain revenues from their fast-growing user base (Morrison, 2015). Yet, quite recently, this has changed…

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Advertising in customized online environments

Have you ever seen an online banner advertisement that suddenly attracted your attention? I’m pretty certain all of you did. Maybe you’ve even encountered it while scrolling through this blog. The header of this post may have unwillingly drawn your attention. You could have felt intruded and annoyed, since this obviously wasn’t what you were looking for. But will this feeling remain unchanged, when you know all articles on this Customer Value Creation blog are personalized and tailored to your preferences? Continue reading Advertising in customized online environments