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Beauty Brands using Facial Recognition

“Wow, this looks very good on you!” might the advice from the lady in the make-up store be. You spotted a beautiful lipstick in the store, but did not dare to buy the product without trying it. However, trying make-up takes a long time in the shop. Afterwards it  has to be removed, which also vanishes your other make-up. A lot of girls will recognize the frustrating situation.

However fitting clothes digitally has become known under the large audience, “fitting” make-up via online applications is relatively unkknown. The increasing possibilities with photographing and mobile phones allow make-up brands to create virtual applications for this. Some beauty applications use techniques technique that are comparable to facial recognition applications (used for security goals), which is not strange: the same technique is used in both branches (Gibb, 2013)

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Online C2C communication VS purchase behavior

Have you ever discussed products online with other customers? Nowadays, a lot of platforms and forums provide the opportunity to share your opinion and experiences with others. According to the article ‘The influence of C2C communications in online brand communities on customer purchase behavior’, several aspects of this C2C communication influence our buyer behavior.

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I’m lovin’ it: Fast Food Customization

Over the past years, customization has been a widely used strategy in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector. With many products, consumers are empowered to customize their own products online. For example, Ray Ban allows people to combine glasses and frames based on personal taste. Besides that, numerous brands give customers the opportunity to choose colors and models for the perfect combination. But: besides the clothing- and shoe industry, customization is popular in the food and beverages sector.

The strategy of customization and co-creation is not new. However, more and more variations and innovative campaigns are launched every year. Since I am fascinated by the creative forms of customization that exist nowadays and I am interested in the relationship with brand loyalty, I would like to elaborate on this subject.

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