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“Drink Socially!”

Let’s face it, most of us like to share our positive experiences with our friends, and we like to use social media to reach as much of them as possible. Companies try to help us fulfill these needs with social media plugins or applications. The subject of this blog is a social media application. It is a combination of sharing your experience, rating the product and recommending (or not!) it to other users of the application. The best thing about it is however the subject: BEER! I am talking about the application Untappd, a social media app that enables its users to share and explore the world of beers (Mather & Crunchbase Staff, 2016).

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Facebook: a new era

The 24th of February ’16 is going down in the history books. After several campaigns of Facebook users requesting the platform to enable different options (e.g. a dislike button), Facebook introduced this new function yesterday (see the video). The emoticons are called reactions, and enable all users to express their feelings towards a post with the following emoticons: Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry. Their expressions are quite straight forward, and add a lot of new options as extension to the traditional Like, that is still available.

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Utility-based recommendation systems

Decisions are hard, and with access to more and more options, we as customers encounter our limitations when it comes to making purchase choices. Luckily, companies provide us with recommendation systems that help the customer choose. They suggest similar products, link it to previous behaviour or show us what other customers have chosen. But recommendation systems do not only help the customers.  With the collection of all this, mostly personalized, data, it could also provide the company with more detailed information about their customers. This information can be used to come up with personal offers or adjustment of the prices based on the popularity of products.

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