Werkspot: being the connector

Werkspot, in English meaning ‘Taskspot’, is an online platform that connects people with tasks that have to be done around the house and then connects them with suitable craftsman. But how does it work exactly? Imagine that your wall needs to be plastered and painted. You do not possess the right equipment and/or maybe not capable of doing it in a proper manner. Here comes Werkspot, where you can place this task on their website or application. Werkspot informs the registered craftsmen, after which they can reply on this task. The man or woman who needs this job to be done, can then contact the craftsman who came with the best deal, based on i.e. price, experience or their reviews. After this connection it is a matter of (little) time before the task is executed. The tasks vary a lot from placing simple fences, to whole kitchens or bathrooms.

Nowadays the company has completed over 2 million tasks, by more than 8000 craftsmen, who are all certified at the chamber of commerce. Homeowners have left approximately 237000 reviews from the start of Werkspot in 2005 until now and employs 60 people  (Werkspot, 2018). Werkspot include both reviews and ratings on their platform, which give an indication of the quality of the particular craftman. The better the customer rating, the more a craftsman could ask for his work, comparing it for example with hotels in London and Paris, which get 2,68% more revenue per room in case of an 1%  increase in customer ratings (Ogut & Tas, 2012).

Due to this interesting business model and a constant growth of the company, they arouse interest from other parties, which resulted in a takeover in 2013 by the American company called HomeAdvisor, which is part of IAC, a multi-billion revenue concern. This meant that the company searched for ways to enlarge their market, after which they decided to go international. In 2014 they chose to enter the Italian market, above all Milan, and with a focus on painting. In the beginning they decided to continue with their own name in Italy, as a North-European connotation gives the idea of quality and solidity in Southern Europe (Boogert, 2014). This name worked in Italy, in which they have 2000 tasks to be fulfilled on monthly basis, versus 25000 in the Netherlands. However, in 2015 Werkspot still made a pronouncement to change their name, to the name called InstaPro (Boogert, 2015). With this name they think it would be better to expand, without creating confusion.

By being the connector between households and craftsmen, Werkspot earns money by mediating between these two parties. With a 30% earnings increase yearly they are fastly growing. In two year, their top-of-mind awareness grew in the Netherlands from 6% to 14%, whereas the brand awareness grew from 22% to 50%, meaning that 1 out of 2 Dutch people know the company now. Due to the fact that Werkspot just started in 2017 with radio and television campaign, the idea is that this will increase even more rapidly (Mirck, 2017). In Italy they are busy trying to create this same improvements.

Next to that, I think it is also important to mention that the company also contributes to society. Being sustainable and socially involved become more important these days for companies; Werkspot adopted a concrete project in Cameroon, where they educate young people to become a craftsman. Afterwards, they receive their own tools to be a craftsman in practice. With a shortage on craftsman education and tools in Afrika, this is a nice way of Werkspot to contribute something extra to the world (Geredgereedschap, 2018).

This company is getting bigger and bigger, they are hard to copy due to their already established (size of) platform and they are also taking their environment into account. Altogether, a bright future in the horizon in my eyes.


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