Crowd-based platform taking over the dinning industry


Most of the people have probably heard of AirBnB. AirBnB is a platform which has become a great competitor of the traditional hotel-industry. The platform gives home-owners the opportunity to rent out a room of their home. This offers tourist an alternative to the traditional hotels and bed and breakfasts. On AirBnB, customers can get rooms at sharper rates than they would get at regular hotels. Furthermore, the atmosphere is often different from hotels; you stay at someone’s home which is usually more informal and cosy than a hotel. On the other hand, the suppliers have the opportunity to take advantage of spare rooms. Therefore, you could say that this platform gives incentives to both sides of the market.

Taking on the example of AirBnB; there now is a platform which offers similar opportunities for customers and suppliers in the dinning industry. This new platform is called AirDnD; this stands for Air Drink´n Dine(, 2017). On this platform the suppliers are hobbyist cooks which offer a full meal, which can be enjoyed in their living room. As with AirBnB, the platform itself does not own any restaurant or home where the people can enjoy a meal. Rather, they function as an intermediary between hobbyist cooks and potential customers looking for a nice meal.

AirDnD is created with the goal making the passion and qualities of hobbyist cooks accessible to the public. (, 2017) This provides customers with a unique dining experience; due to the fact that the cooks are not professional and the dinner takes place in the cosiness of someone’s living room. On the other hand, it offers hobbyist cooks an opportunity to show other people how well they can execute their hobby. The cooks can get reckoning for their abilities without having to work in a restaurant. Through reviews on the platform the customers can get a look in the kitchen beforehand. This provides them with some sort of certainty about the quality of the food; just as you can read reviews about restaurants to get a sense of the quality provided.

Although the platform is relatively new, it seems to be a success already. Customers rate their dining experience with an average of 4.9/5. Currently, the platform only offers living room dining in the major cities of the Netherlands. However, if the experiences of customers will keep being this positive it will likely be a matter of the time until it is also offered in smaller cities.

The platform offers great opportunities to both sides of the market; hobbyist-cooks and customers looking for a nice meal. This platform has the potential to disrupt the entire dining industry, just as AirBnB did in the hotel industry. Therefore, restaurant-owners fear false competition of the hobbyist cooks.( , 2017) This seems logical as hobbyist cooks do not have the same fixed costs as restaurant owners do. In my opinion, the platform offers great potential and proves once again that crowd-based platform become increasingly important. Such initiatives will likely become more frequent as the role of ‘sharing economy’ is becomes bigger.

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