Tinder for baby names

Every year various lists with the most popular names of children pass by. The SVB (Sociale VerzekeringsBank, 2016) did research about the most popular names of children born in 2016. Daan, Noah and Sem are the top three names of boys. The top three for girls is: Anna, Emma and Tess.

But (young) parents to be who do not want to give such a standard name to their child needs to spent a lot of time to choose the right name.

Hours of brainstorming and browsing through name books combined with hours of arguing will lead to a lot of stress for the young parents.

But there is a solution!

Zwitsal, a brandname of Unilever, which focuses on the baby and toddler product market, introduced the mobile app “Zwitsal babynamen”.

The app works like Tinder. When starting the app, you get the option if you expect a boy, a girl or you do not know yet. But instead of swiping persons you like to the left, or dislike to the right on Tinder, you need to swipe trough names. The database of names consists more than 10.000 names, and this amount is still growing because everyone can add new names to the database!

1st: Connect with your partner – 2nd: Swipe names – 3rd: Show name list

When you use the app, you need to connect with your partner. When both parents has swiped through a lot of names, the app itself will suggest potential names which probably will be liked by both parents. The application generates a list of names that are liked by both parents. So in this way, choosing the right name for your child becomes a lot much easier and a lot more fun!

But off course, the business model of Zwitsal (a Unilever brand) is well thought. The first thing where prospective parents are looking for on the Internet is: “baby names”, followed by baby clothes, making a baby room etc. So focusing on this massive crowd looking for baby names, the Zwitsal names app will pop up. By starting at the first point where prospective parents are looking for on the Internet the name of the baby products producer Zwitsal will lingers in the minds of the prospective parents. So when they need to buy stuff for the newborn, probably the name of Zwitsal will be the first in their mind, because they used that application a lot of hours to find the right match for their baby name.

Another effect of the application is that Zwitsal (traditionally well known by females) reaches the males, resulting in more brand awareness and probably future sales.

So overall, the app is a good solution for prospective parents to choose on an easy and funny way the right name for their child!







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