Hola, Bonjour, Ciao, Namaste! Learning a new language has become as easy as 123

Hola! Ciao! Bonjour! Namaste! Salaam!

There are so many beautiful languages out there to learn, but where do you start?

Learning a new language takes time, effort and you need a lot of practice especially by speaking to natives. Through traditional means one would have to find a language institute and hope that their course type and hours relate to their preferences. Most often these courses fail to meet these preferences due to burdens such as location and time. These institutes also often focus on grammar and vocabulary but in order to reach the level of fluent proficiency…

You need to connect to native speakers!

This is where Verbling comes in! Verbling is an online platform where language learners can take lessons with professional teachers to fit perfectly to their learning style. Verbling allows for a cheap, fast and convenient way to learn a new language, either through one-on-one classes or group classes.  Verbling empowers people all over the world to become fluent in a foreign language, and it doesn’t matter where you are located, teachers and students are spread out across six continents (About Verbling).

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How Does Verbling Work?

Verbling’s platform is easy to use. You simply browse through thousands of teacher profiles and bios. Book lessons with the best teachers for your schedule, budget, goals and learning style and log in to Verbling Video and start talking (About Verbling).

Lessons are taken place over video chat, so people can learn wherever they may find themselves and Verblings language teachers are available 24/7 covering all timezones globally. Convenient right? Within no time will you be able to go to Italy and order; “ Posso avere una pizza con prosciutto?” while impressing all your friends.
Next to the virtual lessens Verbling also provides flashcards  as an interactive tool for learning new vocabulary words. Your persnal teacher creates flashcards that you can use between lessons to drill and review, and the  deck of cards get more difficult the more you interact with it.

Lastly, Verbling allows for practice groups to practice your foreign language speaking skills with other students learning the same language (About Verbling).

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 23.22.02.pngEfficiency Criteria and Feasibility

Verbling is the online platform that offers everyone worldwide the access to learn a new language, whenever and wherever. The joint profitability criteria is met as the platform maximises the joint payoffs for both the consumer and the teacher. The consumers benefit from learning a new language with a customised lesson plan which perfectly meets their needs, thus eliminating the burden of time and locations of offline language institutes. Furthermore, consumers will be able to enjoy the interaction with other students worldwide who are also learning the same language and improve their new language skills on a whole new social level.

On the other side, the teachers benefit by earning money from teaching their language online, anytime, anywhere. Verbling offers teachers flexibility as they are able to teach in any capacity either full time, part-time, or occassionaly. Moreover, they are not bounded to their geographic location and through Verbling their customer segment can be expanded to every corner of the world. Lastly, teachers gain followers and are able to build a community while building their brand identity.

It’s a win-win situation!  

Verbling’s satisfies the feasibility of required reallocations criteria (Carson et al., 1999). However, the greatest risk for Verbling is the quality of the teachers.The quality of the teachers is insured by Verbling’s application process. Verbling vets applications from prospective teachers and has rigorous standards in order to be accepted, hence ensuring high instruction quality and limiting the quality threat. As a result, the average learner rating for a Verbling teacher is 4.9 out of 5.

All in all Verbling provides a new opportunity for people all over the world to broaden their horizon and learn a new language whenever and wherever they want through a flexible, social and interactive way.

Thank you, Gracias, Grazie, Merci, Arigato!

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“About Verbling”. Verbling. N.p., 2017. Web. 4 Mar. 2017.

Carson, S. J., Devinney, T. M., Dowling, G. R., & John, G. (1999). Understanding institutional designs within marketing value systems. Journal of Marketing, 115-130

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