Plan who you’ll cross paths with on Tripr

People like to travel together with family and friends. Tripr is a new way of experiencing this. It is an app in which you enter where you are travelling to and when is your trip. Besides this, it has a function like Tinder, you can put preferences for who you would like to meet during your trip. Tripr will then show users who will be in the same city during your given dates and who match your criteria. Because you are able to enter all these details before, you will be able to meet new travel mates months before your trip.


When you want to enter Tripr, you need to use your Facebook account. There is no other way to enter the app. This makes signing up a lot easier and quicker, and according to Tripr CEO Nicolas Green provides it a degree of authentication that they would not be able to offer in another way.
It is also the power behind another element of the app, that shows you who of your friends already visited the place you are planning to visit or who will be there in the same period as you.

Tripr raised funds through crowdfunding in advance of its release. Then, when Tripr was launched, they attracted a lot of attention. But it was not quite good attention that appeared on the internet. The media were comparing it with Tinder and people saw it as an hook-up app as it was branded as Tinder for travellers. This is not what the team had planned, but it gained a lot of extra downloads, which resulted in a problem. The servers could not process all the data and the hype kind of dissolved.

Later, in August 2015, after another round of crowdfunding, they relaunched the app for iOS and brought the app to Android. They have done as much as possible to not be the Tinder for travel anymore, for example they changed the user interface of the app and they say people now use Tripr for its intended purpose.

Now, they are working on partnerships with tour companies, online travel companies and student networks to promote the app and reach a bigger audience. Especially the older generations are harder to reach, because they are less used to work with mobile phones.


Many woman who travel alone use Tripr, especially because it is possible to connect with people before the trip. Especially woman travellers might face some safety risks that are eliminated in this way. Alexander Dru, COO of Tripr, says: “Tripr essentially takes away the fears people have about solo travel. Instead of risking meeting total strangers in a hostel or on a night out, female solo travellers can now use Tripr to choose who they want to connect, chat, and meet with before arriving at their destination.”

Another problem Tripr solves, is the fear of not knowing the city. Besides find travelmates, Tripr allows locals to sign up and meet with travellers, to provide them with the best information and maybe even go visit the best places with them. In the end there are many different aspects that might be a reason to use the app.


Tripr   Press Kit

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