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There are multiple reasons why a company should want a good logo. A good logo can make good first impressions on costumers, the moment a customer sees your logo they decide if they want to trust you or not. When a logo is good this can thus attract new customers and it can also make you stand out from the competition. To do this the logo must stand out in comparison with other companies in the same industry.

A logo is also one of the most important aspects of a company marketing wise. The logo represents the company and is seen on the company’s emails, social media platforms and marketing campaigns. The first thing a person will notice in all those things is probably the logo, because logos are a visual and those are more appealing to people than text.

It is clear that each company should want a good logo, but how to obtain one? If you hire a professional designer the cost can quickly become very high. For very small companies or startups this amount of money is not feasible. That’s why a lot of these companies go for the crowdsource option. This is the process where the work or funding is made or raised by a crowd of people and is a combination of the words crowd and outsourcing.

The idea of crowdsourcing your logo design would be to tell your requirements to a crowd of designers, tell them how much their reward is and when the design has to be finished. All of the participating designers will enter their own designed logo(s) and the company decides which logo they want to use and thus which designer gets the reward.

An online platform that provides such service at a very high speed is 48hourslogo.com. They offer the service as described above and their standard contests run a lot shorter than most other logo design websites, as suggested by the name, for only 48 hours instead of multiple weeks.

To create a project you simply login to the website, create a project with a title, some info about you business, your target audience and you choose from some standard styles a couple which you like best to give designers an indication of what your taste is like. You can also select your preferred colors and some ideas, concepts or sample logos of your own. After you filled in all of the information needed for the design. Here you have to set your contest prize, the prize the winning designer would win set as a minimum of $99, and you can select some options as a private contest or featuring you contest to make it more noticeable on the website of 48hourslogo.

After you’ve done this the option comes where you can choose how you want to start your logo design. You can choose to only pay the listing price of your contest to 48hours and postpone the contest price till you’ve actually found a well suited design or to pay the full amount in one time. This gives you the option to only lose $29, the listing fee, if there is no design among the submissions. If there are less than 10 design submissions you can even get a full refund.

The contest itself is divided into 3 stages. In the first stage designers enter their designs according to the above described information. During this stage the contest holder can also give some group feedback or feedback to individual designers and rate the designs. In the second phase, the contest holder can select up to 3 designers, who can revision their designs for a week before the contest holder selects the winner. The last stage is the finalization of the project where the designer and contest holder will work together. Only after this stage when the contest holder downloads and confirms the logo package file, 48hourlogo will release the contest prize to the winning designer.

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