Tikkie: simple and fast payments


You are drinking nice beers with friends in a pub, and suddenly the pub closes. One person needs to pay the bill in one transaction, how can everybody easily pay his or her part of the bill? Nobody wants to collect kilos of coins from their friends who want to pay their part of the bill. A simple solution is Tikkie.

Tikkie is a free application; this handy app lets you quickly create a payment request of your friends or family.

You only need to open the app, create a new payment request and send the URL to your friends. In app there are options to share the payment requests by using Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or Text message. But off course it works also if you simply copy the payment request URL and send it in any way you like.


The receiver of the payment request simply receives and URL-link. What that URL-link the receiver can easily pay with his or her own bank account using iDeal. The advantage of this application compared to for example PayPal, is that it works with any bank, so anyone can use Tikkie and no new bank account or application is necessary.

Another nice feature is that you can send the same Tikkie to many people. The URL-link you create works not only for one payment, but stays working for two weeks.

This feature is very useful in the case of buying festival tickets. Often just one member of a group of friends buys the festival tickets for the whole group. So he or she is paying a big amount and needs to ask everybody to pay his part of the tickets back. With Tikkie, the buyer of the tickets simply creates one new Tikkie payment request and sends that request to a Whatsapp group, or to a lot of individuals.


When payments are done, the sender of the payment requests get a notification and in the app there is by every payment request a list with names of who did already paid.

The link between this mobile application and customer centric digital commerce is that the application is only running on active participation of consumers.

The whole idea is based on a problem of consumers: simple and fast get paid back. Consumers are in the centre of this problem, one consumer needs to get his or her money back soon, and the debtor do not want to waste time using the old bank application, typing in amounts, names and IBAN numbers. The debtor just clicks on the URL, and pays with one finger click using iDeal.

Tikkie is a good alternative to normal payments, because it prevents typos in payments which could result in wrong payment amounts, or it the worst case, to the wrong IBAN number. Also compared to other payment applications such as Paypal, Tikkie is a good alternative because the receiver does not need the application to pay; he or she uses their common bank account and iDeal.

I am using the app for several months now, and it works amazingly well. The only point of improvement I could think of is sending reminders. Once you send the URL payment request to one of your friends, and he or she does not pay immediately, you need to send by hand again the payment request. If the app sends after 2 or 3 days automatically a reminder, this should be a good improvement!

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