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Young parents are having a busy living. It is becoming more commonplace both the parents are making career, working hard, socialize with friends and of course going to the sports club 3 times a week. With such a busy schedule as parents, you need sometimes a babysitters for your kids. Most parents have their standard babysitting list, including the neighbors, their parents or that one good friend who is always there for you. However, there are always unexpected events upcoming, you don’t know beforehand. For instance, your wife is having a ladies night with the girls and suddenly your friend calls if you have the time to come over later that night for some important things. As usual you get the standard babysitting list, but unfortunately nobody is able to babysit that night for your kids because of the short term. Panic! Problem! What to do now? Get airBsit!


What is airBsit? AirBsit is an online platform that connects parents and babysitters through your network of friends. The application is focusing on the best recommendation of babysitters, based on the ratings and reviews of friends and relatives in the application. Reliability of the babysitters is very important for the parents, because you leave your young kids alone with a ‘strange’ person. If you are looking for a babysitter, the favorite babysitters of your friends using the application will come on top of the list. The opinion of your friends have a big impact on your decision, because you can trust your own friends more than a random review on the internet of a random person you don’t know.

How does airBsit work? Parents should indicate their ideal babysit session criteria including the time and location of the session, the price etcetera. The next step is that the parents can scroll through a list of babysitters in their neighborhood, suggested by friends or relatives. If you click on a babysitter, his/her profile is shown and thereafter you can invite the interesting babysitters. Parents are able to invite several babysitters, later on you can choose the perfect babysitter that matches your preferences. The babysitters receive a notification if they are selected and can accept or deny the request with only 1 click. Parents can chat or call with the selected babysitters, to find out who’s the best babysitter, and then they select their ‘winner’. If a  That’s it!

“Get some air, while they sit!”

The platform is currently offering their service in Belgium and in Amsterdam, but they are focusing to expanding the service. The application is recently launched, however, there are already thousands of babysitters available in Brussels and Wallonia. On the website you can indicate in which area you want to be able to use this platform. There is a win-win situation by using this app. Babysitters, get money for their service and parents can get the best babysitter matching their preferences based on recommendations of their friends and relatives on the short term. Thereby, parents don’t need to hurry to the atm right before they arrive at home to pay the babysitters. The payment of the babysitters will be done via the application.

Here is a small airBsit video:


Author: Jesse van Hofwegen, 375283


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