How about finally having a weekend?

Have you ever considered how you should do so many small tasks at home? You need to clean the house, you need to unpack, and you need to assemble an IKEA cupboard. Also, you might need to pick up your clothes from dry cleaning, do groceries and cook. Also you need to send a package, walk the dog, iron the clothes… Find a wedding photographer, tax lawyer and delivery guy. Since the list can go on and on and the time does the same, on Sunday evening you ask yourself where did your weekend go and feel horrible about lost time to life duties.

But the good news is that there exists a platform that can help you do all that for relatively low price. Task Rabbit! How does it work? You enter the website; post a task title, its description and the location you are at. The moment you post the task on the platform, people (or call them rabbits), get a notification with the task they can complete. And as soon as one accepts it, get the task done, the payment proceeds through your attached to the platform credit card. So Task Rabbit is freeing you from things you need to do to things you want to do!


Now, to elaborate more on this idea from business perspectives, the revenue is defined through the commission on each transaction performed on the platform. The cost structure is platform running costs, salaries to permanent employees and expense on social and community activities.

Customer segments that also represent key partners of the business are people who want the task to be done (taskposter) and taskdoers (rabbits). The first are individuals whose time is a scarce resource, or who do not want to waste their time on simple matters or elderly or disabled people, who can struggle to perform basic necessities. Taskdoers, on the other hand are unemployed or underemployed people who would like to gain extra money. Thus, the value proposition for the first group is time saving, ease of getting the help you need, security in terms of taskdoers (background checks and interviews are required to start working), insurance over the task done (up to one million dollars) and cash free payment. For the TaskRabbits the value lies in finding the local jobs in the neighborhood, schedule free job (depending on the task), instant money (the payment to the taskdoer happens immediately after the task is performed) and better return on reputation.

The key activities that need to be done in order to maintain the model are product development and management, building the social network around taskposters and taskdoers, customer service and payment management. In terms channels available to the customer, those are website and mobile application for two types of operation systems (Android and iOS).

Many people around the world wished they knew about this platform earlier, to free the most crucial asset-time and spend it how you want. With family, friends, doing things you like and finally enjoy your well deserved free time!


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