Would you like to go on a date?

Once your first child is born some people say that your love life will end, what a sad perspective. Everywhere you go the children are wining and screaming for attention. The sharing economy platform “Date night”has the solution for your problem, you can go on dates without the children. On the platform you can easily find a local trusted babysitter. Usually when you need a babysitter you ask a friend or relative, but most of the time they do not want to bother with your children. But the question that popped up into my head was: would you allow a stranger to babysit your own child? This must be the biggest barrier for parents entering this platform, what if something goes wrong during babysitting? I cannot find anything on the website regarding the liability, who is accountable if an accident happens? I think that this should be mentioned on the website to increase the trustworthiness towards the parents.

Date night carefully set up a selection procedure for parents that are looking for a babysitter. First off, parents can register and must select one of the following membership type: general member, premium member or elite member.

Premium member

After the registration is finished you can view the profiles of babysitters. Based on the experiences and references a babysitter can charge a fee of $10-$15 an hour. Parents and babysitters can meet up for interviews, after the interview both parties can decide whether they would like to work with for each other. Either party can decline the match, the parents can always interview other babysitters if they would like. Once you selected the preferred babysitter you can start going on dates! What I like about Date night is that each of the party can decline, if parents do not have a good experience with babysitters they can find another one. And if the babysitter had a bad experience with the children in the past he or she can decline future requests without any hassle.


The babysitters are mainly students that are searching for a part-time flexible job. Next to students there are also experienced moms, nannies, people that come from a big family or just people that love children. Date night states that babysitters can earn up to $500 a month. But before you can call yourself a babysitter on the date night platform you have to go through a screening procedure. A skype interview will be held with Date night, they will decide whether you will be listed as a local babysitter.

Payment goes through Date night, but parents can always give tips to babysitters if he/she did a good job. Most of the money goes to the babysitter, and a small part goes to Date night for business development. My conclusion is that the platform is very handy for parents that can’t find a babysitter, the prices are low and you can pick the babysitter that you like. The only thing that I was missing is the liability for accidents on babysitting platform.

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