Virtual Reality: Marriage proposals, Virtual Girlfriends & More.

future-dating-644x250Since the rise of Virtual Reality, I got really curious about the progress of the technology  I decided to keep a close eye on its development. My main observational point was to understand to what extent it can replicate the actual reality, and how it can surpass itself in the near future. To this present, I have observed VR in online shopping, fitting rooms, video games and even household tasks.

While surfing on the web in these last few days, I came across something really intriguing. I discovered that VR has actually managed to insert itself in the world of dating. In this blog post I will walk you through some of the most popular examples I have managed to found about the involvement of VR in actual relationships.

Virtual marriage Proposal


In late 2015, a man surprised his (now) future wife with VR binoculars, which displayed a virtual engagement ring, creating a virtual reality marriage proposal scene. I guess regular romantic marriage proposals are becoming too much of a cliché for some.

“A virtual engagement ring started floating my way”

Virtual First Date

Schermata 2016-03-04 alle 17.53.12.pngImagine going on a first date in VR. It would be a lot like a first date in real life, with someone completely on the other side of the globe, and who knows, maybe establish a long-term relationship out of it. This could easily be the extension of dating sites or applications such as Tinder. Imagine the sequence: Match, interact, virtual first date, real second date.  In a sense, this gives introduces the next topic of virtual girlfriends.

Virtual Girlfriends


Virtual girlfriend or virtual dating is not new to the internet. Many have already played video-games such as World of Warcraft in which players started having online relationships with computer-designed characters. Another example is in the social platform of Habbo: players made online friends everyday, as well as online relationships. Subsequently, VR is trying to achieve a perfect replication of pre-designed virtual girlfriends, or self-designed girlfriends. In other words, if one wished to date Jessica Alba, he could design a figure of her in VR and actually have is wish somewhat fulfilled. Elders can re-create past experiences in their lives such as re-living their first-date, or continue a virtual relationship with their wife or husband that by the misfortune of human nature passed away. Furthermore, rekindle memories, create new connections and experiences. Nevertheless, how can one have a virtual relationship with a fake girlfriend without the physical contact? Virtual reality is aiming to cover that too, and leads to the next point.

Virtual Reality Sex Toy

Schermata 2016-03-04 alle 18.03.25.png

This video gives an illustration of the gadget that can connect two people who are experiencing distance-relationship, allowing them to have sex without the necessity of real physical contact. If this has been invented, I’m sure VR has in project something similar that could be applied with virtual girlfriends.

In a nutshell, dating is being covered by VR now too.

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