Remote coffee brewing with the help of your smartphone

One of the main challenges for companies is creating and optimizing the positive consumer experiences. Creating unique experiences will differentiate a company from its competitors. The internet of things, a concept you are probably all familiar with, is an enabler companies often use to increase the positive consumer experiences. The Internet of Things is about connecting any device to the Internet. Nowadays, more and more applications are getting connected with each other. A toothbrush with Bluetooth, which tells you on your smartphone how to brush, an application on your phone which makes it possible to start heating up your house when you are on your way home or turning the lights on and off on your tablet or smartphone.

Also Nestlé is constantly working on the improvement of the consumer experience: ‘Innovation and convenience are core elements of the Nespresso business so we’re delighted to be able to announce the launch of our first connected machine,” said Claire Cloatre-Vinzant, Head of Marketing Machines at Nespresso. Nespresso, which is led by Nestlé, launched the Nespresso Prodigio in February of 2016. Users are able to connect the Nespresso Prodigio to their smartphone by Bluetooth, making it possible to control the machine without being in the same room. A companion application which ‘allows you to brew, schedule a brewing time, monitor capsule stock, receive maintenance and descaling alerts, and more’.

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The main feature of this application is the remote brewing, which makes it possible to make coffee on a distance, for instance when you are still in bed. Besides, you are able to schedule it to brew at a specific moment. Although this seems as an interesting example of Internet of Things, still some human interaction is needed. For instance, in order to refill the water tank or install a coffee capsule, which makes it not totally usable without human interaction. Nevertheless, if you prepare the process well, you are able to use the connected devices to wake up and walk into your kitchen with already the coffee aroma in the air. One is able to use three different setting, which makes it possible to make Ristretto, Espresso or Lungo. However, since the connection is based on a Bluetooth connection, the distance between you and the coffee machine cannot be that far.

Besides the remote brewing, the application offers some other features. The application is able to tell you when the water tank of the Nestlé Prodigio is empty, when the tank needs descaling (based on how many cups you have brewed), and when it is time to buy new capsules. And of course, one is able to order the capsules straight from the application on their smartphone. Users of the application are connected to the Nespresso club, which offers access to coffee specialists, machine care, and capsule ordering.


And if you are not a smartphone person, no worries, there are still buttons on the top of the machine to operate it the old fashioned way.

Manon Hoogendoorn


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