Got the right profile picture?

Have you ever had doubts whether a profile picture either on your LinkedIn or Facebook is appropriate or shows a good impression? Or have you been in the situation that you had couple of pictures, and you did not know which one to select as the right profile picture?

All your doubts can be solved thanks to a small online company called Photofeeler. Photofeeler provides a web application based on a crowd contribution mechanism. You can upload different pictures of yourself and have them tested on number of different attributes.

The “crowd” of people looks at your picture and assess the picture based on the three criteria depending on the type of picture you would like to have. There are three profiles you can have your picture tested on:

Business profile picture is assessed based on three criteria: Competent, Likeable, and Influential. Social profile picture is likewise assessed on three criteria: Confident, Authentic, and Fun. Lastly, the dating profile picture is evaluated if you look: Smart, Trustworthy, and Attractive.You can only select from these three profiles at the moment.

The Photofeeler application works as a platform that connects people who would like to have their pictures assessed. In addition, the platform is heavily dependent on the contribution from its users. The contribution is incentivized by earning credits by assessing other users pictures. The more pictures you assess the more credits you earn. The credits are consequently used to purchase the assessment of your pictures.

photofeeler-demo-my-account-testsThere are four pre-determined assessment options and one custom option. The most basic, Rough option, gets your picture assessed by 10 people. Consequently, there is Standard option of assessment by 20 people. The last two options: Precise and Very Precise get your picture assessed by 40 and 80 people respectively. The more people assesses your photo the more credits you have to spend and also the more certain the results are. Furthermore, people can optionally provide line of text about your picture, that way you can receive a personalised feedback. However, based on my experience it is not very common to receive such a feedback.

The platform is dependent on the contribution of the other users. However there is an option that you can purchase the credits and get your picture assessed quicker. Usually you have to wait till you get all the results. From my experience it took around three days to get assessment from 20 people. If you purchase the credits, you also don’t have to evaluate any picture. However, it imposes a risk if majority of users decided to purchase credits, there would be insufficient number of people who would be there to evaluate other peoples’ pictures.

Privacy and data sharing might be a concern for some users. However Photofeeler guarantees that the pictures are not shared with the external parties. Furthermore, only the Photofeeler company can use the pictures to run experiments to improve the platform.

Bellow you can see a demonstration how does the platform works. Hopefully you have discovered something new. Cheers!



PhotoFeeler Inc., 2016. [Online]
Available at:
[Accessed 3 March 2016].




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