Let’s have a drink!

Naamloos.pngAmanda Spann and Sheena Allen recently surprised the world by introducing a new application. Not only as Black female techs who became company founders but also as people who came up with a new app Alchomy. The app is location-based and it provides users to share, save, and recommend adult beverages. For the bright ones, these are not drinks a doctor would recommend after a long day of hard work.

The idea of a location based recommendation app does not seem very novel but the specific product category has the potential to become famous for people who enjoy a nice drink or cocktail every once and a while.

One of the founders stated: “I saw an opportunity to create customer-centric community that would create a two channel of communications and add value to both sides of the channel”.


The app is based on the input of customers sharing attractive bars, restaurants etc. where they enjoyed a one to multiple drinks. These reviews even can be supported with photos which can be edited within the app. Users not only can review the drinks but also rate them and discuss about them on the platform. As an additional feature the bartender who made your amazing drink can be recommended together with the bar you went to.

If you have no time or money to get out for a drink, the app gives users access to over 16,000 drink recipes fitting your taste and preferences. So even at home the apps creates an opportunity to enjoy a cocktail. For experimenters the apps offers a broad range of drinks which are popular all over the world or sometimes just locally.


With launching Alchomy, Spann and Allen have joined a very small group of Black female founders for app or tech companies. Project Diane researched the diversity in entrepreneurs and they found that Black females are “just 4 percent of the estimated 2,200 women-led tech startups.” Black female tech founders also have much more trouble finding the right funding partners than others, which only stresses these women’s accomplishment even more. “The average amount of funding for a Black female founder is just $36,000,” reported CNN of the study. The average funding of a failing startup is over 1 million dollars. Spann came up with the idea and her personal desire to finance or lend money in order to help someone to launch a mobile app. She actually got this idea after she went shopping at Walmart and she received a super long receipt. So after all the new app Alchomy actually has become popular with a small amount of crowd funding. The founders proved that a good and a new idea can be realized even if they have no good access to funding.

The success of the app still needs to be proven. The novelty of the idea might not seem to be that high, the specific content might lead to high satisfaction by (potential) users.









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