Get more than you expected on Bilibili!

“I enjoy good company rather than the video!”

Bilibili is an interactive video sharing website themed around anime, manga and game based in China. Due to its exponential growth these years, Bilibili now offers not only animations but also videos about music, dancing, sciences, entertainment, movie, drama, fashion, and live broadcasting rooms where the host of the room and the viewers are able to interact with each on the specific topics. Unlike Youtube, all the user-submitted videos on Bilibili are hosted by third-party sources.

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Crowdfundme: Theory into practice via Charity.


While browsing for some options in how to raise funds in a fun and reliable way,  that would allow for me to mix sports and marketing as well, led me to face this crowdfunding platform “GoFundMe”. For those of you unfamiliar with the notion of crowdfunding, it is the action of raising capital from many people through an online platform, which offers little opportunity for careful due diligence and involves not only friends and family but also many strangers from near and far to help (A. Agrawal & all, 2013).

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Fund your way to court

In June 2015, a new crowdsourcing platform has founded in Australia. In comparison with other crowdsourcing platforms, this one is not about raising funds for new ideas, products or problem solving, no this one is something special. In Australia, there are several problems regarding the justice system. Annually, there are more than 150.000 vulnerable people denied from community legal centers. Furthermore, Federal Court fees have become unaffordable for many because of the increasing fees. Therefore, self-represented litigants have risen to 27% in family courts trails. Many justice issues that occur are for instance; housing issues, exclusion from services, credit issues or family breakdowns.

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Bye Bye Banks, you’ve had your fun.

Nowadays, 85% of international transactions are being implemented by banks, due to the fact that people rely on their trust as well as lack of knowledge about the possible alternatives (Lemon, 2014).  Though banks provide higher security services and facilitate payments in any required currency, it has the main shortcoming that high amount of fees is incurred on each transaction without the availability of clear and precise information prior to agreement. In the UK, standard payment for each transaction can reach to £20-25 per and 5-7% margin is gained from loaded exchange rates to those banks who claimed they offer “commission-free” transaction option. In total, the hidden fees incurred in the international money transfer can range from 4% to 15% (Lemon, 2014).

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