Just what the doctor subscribed

People are lazy. We always try to maximize our efficiency by minimizing our efforts. Some would call it progress, others the definition of efficiency, but in fact, it is plain laziness. In dutch we have the following saying: ‘gemak dient de mens’. This roughly translates to: ‘it’s nice not to make an effort’. Nowadays, not making an effort is exactly what we are searching for; in everything that we do.

Almost everything you think of already has a ‘subscribe now’ option. It seems as if humanity is being automated. You don’t even have to decide to buy something; before you notice something is running empty and some new item is already delivered to your residence.

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Co-creating value with social impact

Where the current focus is predominantly on business models that generate economic benefits for both the firm and customer and social benefits for customers through co-creating value, this business model generates also different benefits for both parties.

TTCMobile provides an interactive service that provides people information about either health, agriculture, social & economic topics, education and consumer goods. Where in most sectors people participate because of the efficiency benefits, survival is the main benefit for people participating in the health service. The prevention information on topics as Ebola and HIV/AIDS are examples of this. Furthermore, considering the social services the company provides, one of the main benefits of their business model is next to the profitability the social impact of their service.

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