Your Google results matter: BrandYourself

Let’s be honest. How many platforms and websites are we on? Is it feasible to keep up with all our online data on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Alumni Websites ect.? At the same time, whenever we have to meet someone new, we instantly Google that person to get our first impression. Companies invest heavily in their online presence and Google results, but nowadays all individuals should consider putting more effort in personal branding. 1 billion names are googled daily and 75% of hiring managers are required to google job applicants. It is well known that recruiters often Google candidates, so we shouldn’t risk a new position or a potential new date with poor Google presence.


Of course, a clever startup discovered this problem, when the founder after graduation was trying to find a job, but when recruiters googled him, pictures of criminals appeared. He contacted reputation management companies that charged ridiculous prices for similar services, so he decided to team up with young search engine professionals, who could quickly solve his problem. After identifying this gap in the market, they decided to found BrandYourself to put reputation management in everybody’s hand.

BrandYourself offers individuals a personal branding management platform to get rid of the embarrassing teenage party pictures that might show up in Google results avoiding a negative first impression that might occur and damage our future. BrandYourself allows us to control what people find when they are Googling our name. When signing up, we get a free consultation that helps us to analyze our presence and improve it. We can promote relevant and positive content (such as recognition or awards) and push further down embarrassing search results. The tool rates the relevance of the sites we wish to promote and want other people to find about us and gives us recommendation how to improve that relevance score using the techniques of search engine optimization. The site requires active participation by the user, as it basically allows them DIY reputation management cheaply and easily with clear tutorials, tips and even personal care for premium users. Users can also get insights on the people who Googled us.


Who would you hire? Irrelevant Irene VS. ALL STAR ANNA VS. Negative Nathan?

They received several recognitions (from the White House) and appeared in Shark Tank. (See video link bellow) Although they did not received the desired founding in that episode, the company continues to grow extensively, because there is definitely need for this low-cost DIY tool for everyone. I would recommend you to have a look at it, especially if you are planning to apply for graduate jobs in the following months. I like the fact that they are transparent with their methods and do not promise magic. It is indeed DIY, so if you do not upgrade to a premium account, you have to put in some effort to reach your goals yourself. Nevertheless, the Dutch are quite famous of their love for Do It Yourself, so just give it a try.

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