Staff Finder: The end of employment agencies

According to Marjolein ten Hoonte, permanent contracts and collective employee agreements do not exist in 2030. Ten Hoonte is the general manager Labor Market of Randstad employment agency. According to her, the only thing what matters in the future labor market are your skills and competences (, 2011). If this is true, then creating a platform between employees and employers would be a great opportunity.

This is exactly what the founders of Staff Finder thought. Staff finder is a broker for short-term jobs. They are a success in Switzerland and are expanding their services. And is it any wonder? Staff Finders fills 98% of the jobs within four hours, a speed where an normal employment agency cannot compete with. This speed is a result of the fully automated staff finder process which brings the employee and employer in direct contact. It is a broker between 70,000 employees and 5,000 employers, wherein the Staff Finder app is the heart of the business.

Established employment agencies have a big overhead. This overhead negotiates with employers, searches the right employee and then makes a work schedule with employees. Staff finder works different. The employer posts a vacancy with his preferences. Based on the preferences of the employer, targeted employees get an automated message via the app and accept or decline the job. Thanks to a push notification employees react fast to the request. The employer receives all accepted requests and can choose an employee based on a picture, additional information and ratings of former employers. No overhead is needed at all. Thereby, the chance of having a good match becomes better, since the employer can choose whoever he wants. Additionally, employees are also able to rate the employer. This allows employees to decide whether they want to do a job based on former employees their experience.

A quick look at the website learns that Staff Finder is focused on low-educated jobs, jobs that almost everyone can do. Staff Finder is specialized in four industries: catering, retail, promotion and commercial jobs. And this is a good thing. When people are looking at more specialized skills, like an electrician or a programmer, it would be better to search for someone on a niche platform.

These kind of platforms help to create a community where everyone is a freelancer and everyone competes with each other. So will this be the future? Will eventually everyone become an independent contractor? I think that a company always needs a core of hired employees. The problem of independent contractors is that they only feel responsible for the task they are assigned to, while there are always people who need to keep the company goals in mind, who need to keep the overview. However, I do think that there is a “non-core” within an organization, the flexible part of the organization. This part is getting more and more flexible, and that is where platforms as Staff Finder can play an important role.



Staff Finder (2016) (2011) Vaste contracten en CAOs verdwenen in 2030



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