Shipping made easy with Shyp

The e-commerce industry is growing faster and faster. Last decade we saw a huge shift from shopping offline to shopping online, which will has serious implications for physical stores. For example V&D, after a long time of struggling, the company finally went bankrupt. Following by Perry Sport and Aktiesport, which also went bankrupt last week. However, the shift to online shopping results in a logistical challenge because of all the packages need to be send. The delivery services from these e-commerce companies are becoming more efficient and customer friendly. However, if a customer wants to resend a product or want to ship a product to another place around the world,  this will lead to time-consuming and complicated actions for the customer. Shyp provides a solution for these shipping struggles.

How does Shyp work? You have to make a picture of the stuff you are willing to ship. In the Shyp-app you just send a request for a delivery person, a Shyp Hero, to pick up your product. The app will now be locating a Shyp Hero to get your package, and within a minute a Shyp Hero had been summoned. You will receive a message that the person is on his way, and during the waiting time you are able to get personally text or call the Shyp hero. Within 20 minutes the Shyp Hero will arrive at your place to pick up your product. Once the package was picked up by the Hero, the courier will send your product to the Shyp warehouse. At this location your product will be packaged for almost free, otherwise it will have a low cost for larger products. Thereafter, Shyp will choose the lowest-cost option carrier, FedEx, UPS or USPS, to send your product to its final destination.

 “Saving time, money and headaches”

The main benefit of making use of Shyp is, according to Shyp, saving time, money and headaches. With the use of Shyp it is easy to send a package to a place anywhere in the world without struggling to bring bulky products to the post office and subsequently wait a long time in the queue. This is consistent with their goal: ‘people should never have to visit a post office.’ A drawback for the users of Shyp is the price they are paying for the Pickup Fee, which is $5.00, for as many as 20 items you need to ship (, 2016). The price of $5.00 as Pickup Fee is in addition to the cost of shipping. If you are able to bring the product to the post office on your own, you will save money. Another drawback, Shyp is currently only active in the following cities; San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City.

Shyp has had 3 funding rounds, started in 2013 with a seeding round ($2.1M), next year in july a series A funding ($10M) and their last funding was a series B funding ($50M) in 2015 (, 2016).


This video shows the integration of eBay into the Shyp app:



Author: Jesse van Hofwegen, 375283jh




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