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You know the hassle when you want to go somewhere for like a 2 days trip and it takes hours to find out what are the true must see and places to eat at, and in the end you cannot even visit all of the places because you over planned your trip with activities. This is why Tripomatic will save you a lot of time.

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Tripomatic is a start-up from Czech Republic and definitely deserves more attention that it is currently getting. Tripomatic is a trip-planning tool, which makes travelling easier. The main feature of the tool is that you can plan a trip in a detail starting from attractions up to must-try foods. You can make up your own routes based on days, your interests and share your tailor trip with others. If you are a local, you can also submit recommendations, which are after evaluated by the team of Tripomatic for validity of the recommendation. The main point of the application is to help travellers create their tailored trip without extensive “googling” and guide reading. Tripomatic also offers other travel options such as finding a hotel or renting a car.

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In order to understand this business it is easier to walk you through and maybe you can also try it out yourself for your next trip, or even to see what are the hotspots in Rotterdam, which you might have missed out.


Start out by typing in which city you want to visit and days, which you plan to come. After that a map with the most popular attractions and places which visitors added to their trip shows up. It is also possible to add in your own places, which you maybe already pre-researched.

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You can easily start creating your trip. When you click on attraction a brief description opens with important details like opening times and price of tickets. You have the option to add this attraction to your plan by choosing which day you would like to visit. What I found extremely useful is that you can allow the tool to arrange the ranking of the attraction for you based on how far they are and what order it would recommend.

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You can also see what other users have created as recommended plan for 2 day trip and inspire yourself or fully use it.


Very customer friendly feature is the possibility to download the plan offline once you are finished planning and either print it out or download it into Tripomatic app which is extremely useful when you do not have Internet access. Also you can share the trip with your friends, which have the opportunity to add their interests into the plan also.

It might seem that Tripomatic is same as Google maps, but the automated calculation of time per attraction and time management of your programme is extremely useful for user. Tripomatic takes customer’s preferences, time limit, ease of use and your engagement with travel partners into serious consideration.


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