Co-create a new world of toys

Understanding the value of customer participation as a vehicle to generate repeated business is often emphasized in business assessment. Just basic business logic shows that it makes sense to listen to your customers (Merlo, 2013). Take “listening” to the next level and you build a situation of co-creation. When adapting co-creation, there will be a change in the current distinct roles and a situation from trying to find customer needs and adjust the product to fit, to a new dynamic of joint customer and producer effort of creation. The aim of involving the customer in the process is to restructure the value chain and obtaining a differentiated position (Humphreys, 2009). Some say that co-creation might become a requirement to stay viable in the future.

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Intelligence with empathy and a goal(ie)

More and more innovative companies are platform based and everywhere around us it is all about personalization; personalized ads, personalized online search, personalized composed outfits etc. Another trend fuelling personalization is real-time tracking/data. The technological changes and the overload of information alter the way people communicate, work together and create value.

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Anything else?

For the fortunate among us that have a personal assistant, nothing new is being presented in this post. However, for those that still make their own breakfast and need to think about bringing food to the park themselves, reading this might open a few doors.

Nowadays, almost everything is available online. From ordering groceries and complete meals to outsourcing more personal matters as holiday booking and creating photo books. Still, for each of these things you still need to go to different websites, fill out different registration forms, and every time ‘explain’ who you are as a customer and what it is that you need. But some clever entrepreneurs have recognized this problem and started companies offering ‘all’. The best known companies are the American Magic, the German GoButler and also quite recently the Dutch uButler.

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