Complete hassle-free shipping for 5 dollars :

‘Shipping isn’t easy. No matter who you are – an individual or a business – you’d like to spend less time and less money on sending things to anyone in the world’

–, 2015

This is the value proposition of Shyp in a nutshell. Shyp is an app available for android and iOS, that changes the way you ship your products. Currently, you have to make sure you have the right wrapping products and boxes to package your product correctly. Next, you have to go to a postal office to send your product, where you sometimes have to wait in line for a long time. With Shyp, this is all history. Shyp works in two easy steps:

  1. Snap a photo with your phone
  2. Request a pickup


(Google Play, 2015)

Based on the photo you upload in Shyp, Shyp determines the correct packaging materials to ship your products, and takes care of wrapping the product for you (, 2015). After requesting a pick up, a courier from Shyp will come to pick up your product, and he / she will transport it to a Shyp warehouse. There, your item will be packaged. Next, Shyp will determine which post carrier is cheapest for your package, and will make sure your package is delivered to the chosen service (New York Times, 2014). promises their customers low costs: ‘We price compare across all major shipping carriers to give you the lowest rate possible.’ Additionally, customers of Shyp pay a 5 dollar fee on top of the shipping charge. Therefore the consumer payoff of Shyp can be formulated as follows: The utility is high since the customer will spend less time and effort on shipping their product (as compared to traditional methods), and on the other hand the consumer pays five dollars for Shyp’s service on top of the shipping charge (and the shipping charge might turn out lower as Shyp compares all carriers for you).

I turn to the institutional arrangements in place at Shyp. Having a bad experience with, I always check the liability of the shipping company I use. Besides obvious terms of service (e.g. including not shipping illegal products and live animals), Shyp includes a clause about reimbursement. According to this clause, ‘Shyp will reimburse you for actual loss of or damage to any shipment whil in Shyp’s possession up to a maximum of $1,000 per shipment or, if less, the maximum amount permitted by applicable law or regulation.’

When reviewing the ratings of Shyp, I find that the crowd seems to be positive: 39/55 ratings are five stars:


(Google Play, 2015)

To conclude: Shyp has an interesting proposition. Current customers seem to be happy with its service. Time will tell if enough customers are happy with the consumer payoff to make this business successful. Hopefully will continue to expand, so we can try it ourselves and make up if we want to pay 5 dollars to have a hassle free shipment.


– Google Play (2015), last accessed 24-04-2015

– New York Times (2014), ‘Painless shipping in a few easy steps’ by Farhad Manjoo, Last accessed 24-04-2015,

– (2015), last accessed 24-04-2015,

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