In 2013 there were 8 milion cars in the Netherlands, on only 41526 km². That means a lot of cars in this little country. When living here, and going outside you will probably come a cross some cars. Especially in big cities there are cars all around, you have to watch out not to get hit by one! We from CarSticker saw this as an opportunity. Use these cars as outlets for advertisement, easy and quick, with car stickers. We see this happening in commercial sectors already. Like this cab in London.

For small companies and enterprises this way of advertising is easy, quick and not very costly. The company designs its sticker, fills in a form with its requirements for the Sticker ‘wearers’. The number of individual drivers in the database who actually meet their specific requirements will constantly be uploaded and displayed. This number is a good indicator for the enterprise to evaluate the potential number of future respondents. The car owners are not required to accept the Sticker, they can decide for themselves if they accept it or not. CarSticker will first check if the stickers are not offensive in any way. But after that the car owner can decide if they want to drive around with a certain sticker. After a week this information gets back to the enterprise and they can adjust their requirements if there are not enough carowners that accept their sticker. If however, there are too many carowners that accepted the Sticker there will be made use of a reverse auction. It starts at 50 euro and carowners can lower their price to ‘win this reverse auction’, and be selected to put the stickers on their car.


Picture 2: Example of a car on a sticker

This is a perfect opportunity for both enteprises and car owners. Owning a car is expensive and when participating in CarSticker the total costs for the car are made lower with minimal effort. For enterprises can start with as many cars as they want. In the beginning and for small enterprises this can be only a small amount of cars but for bigger companies this can be a larger amount. If you have a car, you are welcome to register on our website and read the terms and conditions. These are very important to not get any legal issues. Also if you have a company or enterprise read the terms and conditions and design your own sticker. If you see a car with a lovely advertisement sticker you know, CarSticker reaches a lot of people, all day, every day!


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