Computer Elves

The Computer Elves will save your computer!

Have you ever encountered problems in your computer that no amount of Google search could help with? We’re pretty sure most of you have. On top of that, when you do find what you think is your saviour; they’ll make you pay out of your pockets. If only life were simpler, right? Our group thought about ‘The Computer Elves’, a customer to customer platform that matches demand and supply of software and hardware services through an online tool that isn’t just user friendly but affordable as well.


The platform has double access: you can either register as freelancer or as a customer.Freelancers would mostly be students of Computer Science programs or other related disciplines. They can register and create a profile on the website on which they specify their skills, their certificates, their academic and working experience. When registering, they have to mention all the types of services they are able to offer.

Clients register to the website and then they are able to post their requests. The posts should contain the service requested, the maximum price they are willing to spend, and when the service needs to be delivered. This way the freelancers can apply for the job demanded, and the client finally chooses his or her preferred candidate. Clients could also search for freelancers by themselves, without posting a job offer giving all users whether they are professionals or clients are customer to customer experience without any intervention from a third party. Users could find themselves the right match and continue to negotiate prices and come to a consensus.

The platform would not be responsible for the fees asked but would provide an average fee as indication for the users. The payment, however, is made through a safe service on the platform that allows the client to pay in advance but keeps the money until the service is delivered. This prevents any case of fraud attempt by either party and creates a safe environment for the users.

The reliability of the website is built on a rating system. If clients are satisfied with the service they can recommend the freelancer and if not complaints can be issued as well. The ratings are very important to the platform as they ensure reliability and thus are obligatory for all users.But it’s not just services that have to be performed for fees; forums are available on the platform where simple questions can be asked and students can discuss their opinions. One does not need to be registered on the platform to use the forum. Allowing a free service would enable users to know about The Computer Elves and register eventually if they encounter complex problems. Ratings would be enabled in the forums as well ensuring users provide reliable answers.

But what happens even if the most rated freelancer can’t fix your problem? Payments only need to be as much the costs incurred by the freelancer in that case.

The Computer Elves provides a safe environment for all users, the imagesfreelancers and customers. It allows students of computer science backgrounds to have hands on experience and make some extra money and lets other people save money on their issues. Competitors are either more expensive, or less reliable, or not as user friendly. The Computer Elves is a platform that would be user friendly, reliable and provide a vast range of services at affordable prices. The Computer Elves would be a perfect solution for all the times our computers died on us or a virus delayed all our assignments, wouldn’t it?

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