Choose your deals

I’m sure you must know the feeling: you’re in your shopping mall and you’ve just spotted the perfect vase/dress/vacuum cleaner/shaver/gaming mouse. However, the price is just above your budget. To top it off, sales have just ended, so guess you’ll just have to settle for less.
That feeling now belongs to the past: we happily introduce Tag-a-deal! Just scan the price tag of the item that you want, but that is just outside of your financial reach, and offer what you would be willing to pay for that vase/dress/gaming mouse. Before you know it you own that shaver for a very nice price. Or if the company refuses, well, at least you tried. Maybe you’ll have more luck with the dress. Tag-a-deal is the new app everybody should download. It allows its users to negotiate with companies to receive deals on items consumers want deals on. In a later stage, consumers can also make use of other deals the app can offer. All consumers have to do is provide the app with their personal details and they can start tagging. For companies, the added value is in the knowledge of which items are popular and which are not, with the eye on supply. Also, a certain deal for less revenue might be a better option than an uncertain deal with more revenue. Of course, companies don’t have to accept the deals, it’s up to them to decide what tags they will and will not accept. Optionally, consumers can choose to accept Wi-Fi tracking in their malls. If they do, the app can send them location-based offers, while the owners of the mall can see what the movement pattern of consumers in the mall is, relevant information for commercial and marketing purposes.Image

With this app we hope to fill a void in the existing range of consumer negotiation arrangements. On the one hand there are companies like Groupon that offer exclusive deals based on group participation on a range of articles and arrangements or Buyvia that offer price comparison, on the other hand there are companies like Priceline that offer consumers an individual, self-priced deal, but require great flexibility of the consumer. Tag-a-deal aims to combine the better of these two worlds and offer exclusive, self-priced deals on an individual base. In addition the app can provide valuable information to mall and shop owners and companies by registering the amount of times an item is scanned, as well as by Wi-Fi tracking consumers in the malls and shops. ImageTag-A-Deal has the potential to bring the benefits of the old-school marketplace to the comfort of the mall as we know it: on-the-spot negotiations in a new, digital jacket. It has the potential to change the way consumers look at bargain hunting; it has the potential to become a huge success. So wait no longer and join the revolution of individual consumer-company relationships. (Develop and) download Tag-a-deal and start tagging! Carly Giuseppe Mara Mihai Sophie Tilman

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