I like to MoveIT

Picture yourself at a kick-ass festival. You’re queuing to get as close as possible to the stage because your favorite band is about to make history. But which queue is the fastest? And where are the closest and quickest bathrooms if the beers you’ve been enjoying need a way out? And how can you get a healthy snack whilst on your way to the next gig? Now imagine taking your smartphone out and getting answers to all these questions (and more). The future of personal navigation is here and it’s called MoveIT. In a nutshell, MoveIT will offer you the same navigation and browsing experience you know so well from Google maps, but will take that experience indoors to train stations and shopping malls and to large scale events such as festivals and fairs. It will answer all questions on the spot which begin with ‘where is…’, ‘how do I get to…’ and ‘what is around here’? Moreover, it will know where it’s busy, what to avoid and where the coolest places are. The best thing is that all of this functionality comes for free to anyone with a smartphone. All you need to do is download the MoveIT app, have it running in the background and it will go to work for you once you get close to a MoveIT enabled location you’ve selected. How does the magic happen? The app works on two levels, a quantitative and a qualitative level. The quantitative level simply aggregates tracking data from the sensors in your smartphone and sends that to the servers of MoveIT. The servers will then work out where you are, sparing the CPU of your phone the hard work and saving precious battery life. When you subsequently open the app and ask for directions, those will be sent back to you straightaway as the layout of the venue is known to MoveIT. Moreover, as the server performs this task for many users, the app will know where it’s busy and where it’s not. This way, you’ll know for instance in what part of the train you’ll have the best chance of finding a seat and which entrance will get you to the stage the quickest. And don’t worry, all tracking data will be anonymous. The qualitative level finally requires you to create a profile. This profile allows you to share experiences about the venue with other users and in return be kept up to date by other users on the ins and outs as they happen. This way you could find out if someone threw up in the toilets on the second floor, what is nice at the tiki bar and why no-one is queuing at entrance B. To safeguard your privacy, the profile will not be linked to the tracking information. So how can all of this be free? The makers of MoveIT are connecting to the venues and to the members and sponsors of the venues. The venue, for instance a shopping mall, will provide information on its floor plan and agenda and promote the app to its audience. In return, MoveIT saves the venue the trouble of having to make an own app. The members of the venue, for instance the shops in the shopping mall, are subsequently offered the opportunity to run extremely targeted advertisements and special offers reaching only those consumers that are linked to the venue. This is m-commerce at its best as the advertisement will likely be relevant to you as the user of the app. Simply download the app and get ready to MoveIT.

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