Choose your deals

I’m sure you must know the feeling: you’re in your shopping mall and you’ve just spotted the perfect vase/dress/vacuum cleaner/shaver/gaming mouse. However, the price is just above your budget. To top it off, sales have just ended, so guess you’ll just have to settle for less.
That feeling now belongs to the past: we happily introduce Tag-a-deal! Just scan the price tag of the item that you want, but that is just outside of your financial reach, and offer what you would be willing to pay for that vase/dress/gaming mouse. Before you know it you own that shaver for a very nice price. Or if the company refuses, well, at least you tried. Maybe you’ll have more luck with the dress. Tag-a-deal is the new app everybody should download. It allows its users to negotiate with companies to receive deals on items consumers want deals on. Continue reading Tag-a-deal

Eye on Elderly

Look out for the elderly with the Eye on Elderly Platform

Close your eyes, and imagine for a minute to be 70 years old. You are retired, your kids have grown up and even have kids themselves. You have recently moved to an elderly home, because you need help and your children do not have enough time, caught between taking care of your grandchildren and working from 9 to 17. So there you are, sitting behind the geraniums, hoping for some human contact (it has been 7 days since your family last called or visited). What do you do? …

Well, you can open your new laptop, go to EoE online platform and sign up for bingo night!

Eye on elderly website from POV elder v.2

That is exactly what EoE is intended for, to help lonely elders, elderly homes and volunteers to get in contact with each other.  EoE is an interactive platform, where these three groups can organize and sign up to activities. In these modern times the internet has become one of the main resources and facilitators for social interaction, and despite what many say, even elderly are catching up with the new trend (see Van Berkum 2013, Akkermans 2013, ANBO 2014).

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Connecting Urban Nomads Worldwide

Once upon a time there was a depressed man named Louis, who recently lost his favorite sweatshirt from New York. There’s no website to buy it and he won’t go back for at least a few years….


Across the pond sat a man named Nick, a New Yorker traveling to London for the first time. With only one weekend in London he wants to find the best possible pub for fish n chips. But alas, every pub claims to be “THE BEST” and Trip Advisor gives everyone 5 stars…


Fortunately for both Louis and Nick, the stars aligned and created a website to solve all of the problems and limitations faced by today’s Urban Nomads.

An online platform co-created and crowd-sourced by today’s traveling young urban professionals (yuppie’s) to connect and exchange information about all of the most up-to-date international trends and products. (Majchrzak et al., 2013)

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I like to MoveIT

Picture yourself at a kick-ass festival. You’re queuing to get as close as possible to the stage because your favorite band is about to make history. But which queue is the fastest? And where are the closest and quickest bathrooms if the beers you’ve been enjoying need a way out? And how can you get a healthy snack whilst on your way to the next gig? Now imagine taking your smartphone out and getting answers to all these questions (and more). The future of personal navigation is here and it’s called MoveIT. In a nutshell, MoveIT will offer you the same navigation and browsing experience you know so well from Google maps, but will take that experience indoors to train stations and shopping malls and to large scale events such as festivals and fairs. It will answer all questions on the spot which begin with ‘where is…’, ‘how do I get to…’ and ‘what is around here’? Moreover, it will know where it’s busy, what to avoid and where the coolest places are. The best thing is that all of this functionality comes for free to anyone with a smartphone. All you need to do is download the MoveIT app, have it running in the background and it will go to work for you once you get close to a MoveIT enabled location you’ve selected. How does the magic happen? The app works on two levels, a quantitative and a qualitative level. The quantitative level simply aggregates tracking data from the sensors in your smartphone and sends that to the servers of MoveIT. The servers will then work out where you are, sparing the CPU of your phone the hard work and saving precious battery life. When you subsequently open the app and ask for directions, those will be sent back to you straightaway as the layout of the venue is known to MoveIT. Moreover, as the server performs this task for many users, the app will know where it’s busy and where it’s not. This way, you’ll know for instance in what part of the train you’ll have the best chance of finding a seat and which entrance will get you to the stage the quickest. And don’t worry, all tracking data will be anonymous. Continue reading I like to MoveIT

Computer Elves

The Computer Elves will save your computer!

Have you ever encountered problems in your computer that no amount of Google search could help with? We’re pretty sure most of you have. On top of that, when you do find what you think is your saviour; they’ll make you pay out of your pockets. If only life were simpler, right? Our group thought about ‘The Computer Elves’, a customer to customer platform that matches demand and supply of software and hardware services through an online tool that isn’t just user friendly but affordable as well.


The platform has double access: you can either register as freelancer or as a customer.Freelancers would mostly be students of Computer Science programs or other related disciplines. They can register and create a profile on the website on which they specify their skills, their certificates, their academic and working experience. When registering, they have to mention all the types of services they are able to offer.

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