Design your perfect holiday with Myholidaycreator

Summer is on its way. Lighting the BBQ, having a beer, 30 degrees Celsius outside.. it’s about time to plan your holiday! But where to go? There is an overload of online information about traveling. Destinations are all over the world, and as low-budgets airlines offer cheap flights, many more destinations have come within reach! As McLuhan already said a long time ago, the world is becoming a global village (McLuhan, 1964).

But, back to the previous question of where to go? Firstly, where to go to find information? The travel agencies, the library, friends, blogs, the internet? There are many options, and all have its own benefits, but.there is just too much information available online (Garcia-Molina et al., 2011). But now there will be a single source, a platform; Myholidaycreator, which combines all the information from the sources previously mentioned in a single source. No need to find dispersed information from different devices anymore!


Myholidaycreator is a platform which has all information you need to book a holiday. It has a booking system, so if you see anything you like you can directly book it. The provided information is more extensive than what can be found in any other platform. The search options are wider, eg. you can book a return flying there and coming back by ferry. With the extensive search options (which are optional, there is also a simplified search possible) you can design your perfect personalized holiday! It is possible to download the information from the platform, so you don’t need an internet connection to obtain information (once downloaded). For this reason, a single device such as a mobile phone or tablet, can store all information possibly needed for your holiday, and thus can replaces books and maps.

By means of recommendations and post Myholidaycreator will be an interactive platform where users can share their experiences. Love, glory and money will motivate users to interact on the platform (Malone et al., 2010), and will add to the information provided on the site. This form of co-creation will be rewarded with  with credits (Saärijavi, 2013), which can be used for discounts when booking on the platform.

Below you can find a depiction of the interface of the platform. Myholidaycreator hopes to be your personal planner of holidays soon, and will help you creating the best holiday of your life!


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