Affordable get-aways for skilled auctioneers!

Ah, it’s almost summer! If you’re anything like me, you’ve been waiting for this, enduring the cold and windy climate of the Dutch fall and winter. Moreover, you’d probably want to spend your free time away from home with some recreational activities, but what to do if you’re low on cash? Well, if you’ve got a good virtual poker face, you can always bid on some nice activities at

Part of Emesa Nederland BV., Vakantieveilingen has been offering low prices on everything away-from-home related, ranging from days out on the town to entire holidays abroad since 2007. How does it work? Well, for consumers it works by simply starting to bid on the deal that you like best and if your bid is the highest made when the auction closes, you win the activity for that price. Consequently, you have a lot of power over how much you want to pay for certain products, but you also have to be careful to you’re not overbid at the end, when many people try to get the deal for as little as possible. Part of its appeal, are the easy sign-up system, which doesn’t require you to first create a profile until you’ve actually won an auction. Continue reading Vakantieveilingen