Too busy to do everything by yourself? Work-zilla will do it for you!

In the final year of my Bachelor, I had a class in Monetary Economics. The teacher for that class was a graduate from our faculty who just returned after his master program in South Korea. After one of the classes, he told us about his and his friend’s startup. It is an Internet platform in Russian that is called Work-zilla, where people can perform quite easy tasks for others for a little amount of money. At that time, I did not see big potential in that business but within two years, Work-zilla had 60,000 dollars turnover and about 100,000 users.

There two types of users of the platform: 1) clients who publish tasks and 2) performers who complete tasks. When clients create tasks, they should mention the type of task, and give a short description, including a deadline and a price. In two minutes, a client receives some candidates to do the task. Then he can discuss task details with candidates, choose one and put money on his account through the platform. After the completed task has been submitted back to the client, he checks the quality of the work. If everything is fine, the client labels the task as done and the money goes to the performer. If the client is not satisfied with the quality of work, it can be sent back for further improvement, or the client and performer may negotiate a new price for the work that was done. In the end of the interaction, the client has to rate the performer and may write a comment about his work. The rating system is very advanced in Work-zilla, so rating is more representative here than in other freelance sites in Russia. From the point of view of the performer, the process is very much the same. The only important difference is that performers make a test when they register on the platform to check their level. Work-zilla requires 10% fee from each task.


How it works: 1. Publish a task; 2. Two minutes to find performer; 3. Pay for task after it’s done

Overall, Work-zilla is one more platform for freelancers, so, why do people go for it while there are much bigger and established freelance sites. Below are the five main points of difference.

  1. Speed. Performers answer on task offer amazingly quick: in two minutes.
  2. Type of tasks. The focus is on easy to perform tasks, so any Internet user can earn some money on the platform. The idea behind it is that there are so many people who spend their time on the Internet doing nothing.  Now, they can earn money even if they do not have any specific skills and knowledge.
  3. Price. Because the tasks are easy, the prices are also low. They vary a lot but tasks for 10 dollars are very common. Moreover, to keep the time it takes to reach an agreement as short as possible, performer and client cannot negotiate on the price.
  4. Performers search. Work-zilla has a complicated search tool through which it is able to find appropriate candidates for your search. Therefore, the client does not need to look at tons of performers’ profiles.
  5. Guarantees. The client transfers money to the platform when he has found a task performer and the performer gets the money from the platform when the client is satisfied with work done.

Do you have too many thighs to do but you do not want to do them or you just cannot? Go for Work-zilla. Work-zilla: “Focus on main things – leave routine for us”.

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