Tired to clean your house?

Two years ago, Homejoy.com was established as a platform that connect cleaners and clients who needs their house be clean but have not time to do so. After two years, now Homejoy expands to more than 30 cities in United States and launched its European headquarter in London this year. How kind of innovation or business model that enabling all this happen? According to Homejoy, the website is less about selling things (cleaning service), but more about backend technology.

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All this because the founder’s brother wanted to hire someone to clean his room but couldn’t find a convenient and safe way to connect with an affordable cleaner online. Homejoy.com provides a platform that clients can easily book a cleaning appointment with fair price and guaranteed quality. Homejoy’s cleaner works for a flat rate of $20 an hour, which is lower than other chain cleaning company bur more than the amount independent cleaner can earn. Clients will be asked to rate the quality of services provided after each cleaning, and cleaners have to continually receive top review for continue to be matched with jobs on the platform.

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The booking process can be done within 2 minutes. First is entering your house post code or district name, then selecting the service type, number of hours, and optional services. Then finished with choosing the date and time and payment method. Homejoy will then appoint a cleaner matched in terms of time and area. Originally, according to Homejoy, cleaners identified their working areas by zip code, but it turns out to be too broad. Thus, the company developed a tool in which cleaner can draw exact custom borders of their work area.

The main potential problem of this method and major concern of clients will be the security issue because the cleaner will stay in client’s house for at least 2.5 hours in which the client may not at home. In order to diminish this concern, Homejoy executives throughout criminal background check and in person interviews. By face to face interview, Homejoy not only excludes unqualified candidate but also find candidates matched with company culture – dedicating clients and pro-cleaner building a happier family.



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