Giving back through consuming

Charities have been a topic of discussion for some time, as people are unsure of whether or not the money will actually end up where it is supposed to. A number of credible charities have been shown to really make a difference, and people have been eager to give them a substantial amount of money. For people that do not have a lot of money to spend but still want to feel like they make a difference there is a website called goededoelshop.

Goede doel shop

By using this website people can make purchases on websites and a portion of the price will be donated to the charity of your choosing. Normally the webhost will retain this portion (which is also called affiliate marketing) but through the collaboration with this website they have agreed to relinguish it to these charities. The Goededoelshop is obligated to hand over a minimum of 80% to these charities, the rest of which is used to cover the costs of the website and compensate those maintaining it.

The charities selected by the website are confirmed charities, but individual users can also recommend websites that will be checked and potentially added to the website. The charities are ordered by theme, from smaller unknown charities to the larger well-known ones.The front page of the website also shows a monthly rating of the top contributors that particular month, which allow the contributors to attain a sense of glory by showing others how much they contributed to their chosen charities as well as creating a sense of community. The website also offers a constant stream of the latest contributions made most recently. Clearly this is a greatly beneficial way for all parties involved, charities will get some extra donations and it provides people with a sense of satisfaction by helping other people out through relatively little effort.

Benjamin van der Wagt (371655)


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