The Icing Room: Be creative and decorate your own cake!

Looking for a special gift for your mom this coming Mother’s Day? How about a personalized cake of your own?

Something like this, perhaps?

Mother's Day Cake - The Icing Room

Or.. you think you can do better?

Visit The Icing Room and pour your creativities on the canvas in the form of a plain cream cake! The Icing Room is a first first-ever specialty concept shop that offers Design-It-Yourself (DIY) cake decorative services (The Icing Room, 2014).  At The Icing Room, you can turn a simple plain cream cake (in various sizes and flavors) into a special personalized cake created with a touch of love and well wishes made by your own hands. The concept is closely linked to co-creation business strategy where customers are involved in the final products their receiving by physically decorating their own cakes to their styles and likings.

The Icing Room

Indeed, there are a lot of other cake-shops offering customers to design their own cakes (cakebiz, BuildACake, bakerdays and so on). Most of these stores are online and adopt the concept of mass customization, where cakes are made-to-order based on customers’ preferences. The level of customization that these shops offer is mostly limited to the size, the shape, the flavor and, in some cases, the pictures to be printed on top of the cakes. While customers decide what they want their cakes to be, the cake production is done entirely at the seller side and costumers will get their cakes delivered to their homes. The Icing Room goes beyond this.

With this concept, The Icing Room aims for two main target markets. First, it attracts customers who want to give a personal touch on the cake for their special ones, but are turned down by the hassles to buy all the ingredients and to bake themselves.  Customers can have their very own handwriting on the cake with their favorite toppings and icing colors. None of the cakes will look exactly the same, and customers will even be surprised themselves on how the cake turns out to be.

Next is the younger target group who sees the fun in ‘coloring’ and ‘drawing’ their own cakes. Unsurprisingly, these junior cooks would be very excited to have their hands dirty with all the pretty and colorful decorations they can put on their blank canvas. It gets even more excited to know that they can bring the cakes home and give it to their parents. Even me myself would have so much fun coloring the cakes!

Jr Chef Workshops - The Icing Room

The Icing Room currently has 4 stores located in major shopping malls in Singapore (see locations here). In each of these stores, there is a decoration corner where customers create their masterpieces with a wide range of colorful piping bags, toppings, icings, and candles. For those who want to do it at home, The Icing Room also provides take-away and delivery for the plain cake that comes together with a set of the decorative ingredients. On top of these physical stores, it also offers online service just like the other DIY cake online stores. It also sells ready-made cakes, both at its stores and website.

To make things even more interesting, The Icing Room often holds promotional events such as cake design competitions and décor workshops. Last Christmas, it held a photo contest for best design DIY Log cake, which was also participated by many local bloggers (like lovelivfe, Miss Tham Chiak, Celestial Delish, etc), increasing its popularity within the local community even more. It also holds several “Jr Chef Workshop” events every year where kids can explore more creative ways in decorating their cakes, including cookies, macaroons and cupcakes. Fun, fun, fun!

Unfortunately, the stores and delivery service are currently limited within Singapore. But, if you are the lucky ones staying there, you know the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Unleash your creativity, and surprise your special ones!


– Yuvensianti Therecia

Images taken from  The Icing Room and The Icing Room facebook page

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