New way of sharing your voice

Nowadays, human life mainly relies on electronic devices, including computer, cellphone, and television. Internet plays a role of catalysis of increasing connection between people and electronic devices. Because of this, more and more brick-and-mortar stores/services are gradually digitalized or replaced by on-line store/service, karaoke industry is not an exception. iKala, an online karaoke service provider, develops new way for people singing the song with low cost and convenience. It operates at multiple platform- cellphone, computer, and television- that connected by internet.


The way to use the iKala is intuitive. You select the song you want to sing at the menu in the middle website page or search by yourself. Before start singing, you have to log in the system and the system will recommend songs sung by your friends if you registered by Facebook or Google account. In the singing page, there are several function you can see in the left and downside the screen. In the left side of screen, you have whole set of functions which are indifference in the brick-and-mortar karaoke – changing screen background or adding visual effects on it; adjusting the volume or echo of your microphone and tone of the song. In the down side of screen, you can adjust volume or size or screen and, one of the biggest different from traditional karaoke, you can either record voice or film it as long as you have microphone and camera within your computer. By recording your “works”, you can share it with anyone, who can also “like” it or give comment on it.


iKala successful uses a recommendation tool (Xiao & Benbasat, 2007) that increases satisfaction of customers by decreasing options overloading with content with collaborative filtering. By recording your viewing history of other “works”, system will recommend similar songs that similar to your viewing history. Or by the people you followed in the iKala, system will remind you which song they sang or they liked. In order to get the latest song or the most popular one, you have to pay for it- either 1 euro per hour with unlimited options or 3.5 euro per month.

In this new way of karaoke, iKala attracts over 600,000 users and still expanding its functions and available platform.



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