Crowdfunding in Croatia: a dream or a possible reality?

Inspired by the topics of crowfunding, I began to wonder: Is this pure science fiction for companies in Croatia or could this actually lead to some results? The current economic situation is not in favour of entrepeneures and searching for a project funder is like finding a needle in a haystack. But does it have to be like this?

I certainly tried to search for some existing platforms, but all I could find is one named ‘Doniralica’ (in rough translation this is a derivative from the verb donate) which currently has only the main page with no signs of projects of any kind. I tried to understand why this is the case, as crowdfunding has been proven to be an extremely helpul way of financing throughout the world. Skimming through some related posts, I ran into the fact that in the surrounding region, Slovenia is the leader by the amount of money raised through crowdfunding and it got me thinking: Is it because they are more multidisciplinary or they exchange more experiences? And why can’t we do the same?

To possibly provide answer to the last question I will relate to some cultural characteristics of Croatians that I have been made more aware of now that I live abroad, but that made me think that the reason for this lies in the fact that people just don’t believe that a platform like this would change anything. Looking through the Hofstede cultural characteristics, like a thunder through my head it all suddenly becomes clear. All the aspects are in favour of inertia and keeping the things as they are. Clear collectivism where nobody wants to stand out, avoiding risk and rigideness. A society where we have been taught to think like the others and where a belief in change are unknown words. Maybe I am just exaggerating, but there must be something to it that explains why there is only one page in the whole country actively talking about crowdfunding.


The above mentioned facts are somewhere deeply hidden in all Croatians, but I cannot help believing that there is a change on the way. Yet, sharing the awareness is the first important step. By running a marketing campaign through universities or sharing adds on social networks at least the knowledge on the topic would reach a higher level. A lot of young people are just waiting for the right opportunity, and who knows, maybe even this blog will be the trigger for me to overcome my Croatian habits? 🙂

Sara T. (402434)


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