104 Human Resource Banks

104 website

During my last job, one of the most useful tools I found was 104 Human Resource banks. 104 Human Resource Banks is the top online platform to search for job or talent in Taiwan, depending in which side of the coin you are. This website has 310,000 daily active users and a market share of 85.5%. The human resource department in my company works in close relation with 104 and recently became the main labor force searching source for the company. Whenever there was job vacancy, a job offer is posted in 104. The results are outstanding: in just one week, there will be around 10 to 20 applicants asking for this job. Posting a job offer is not the only way to look for talent in 104, the platform also offers the possibility of proactively contact the talents you interested in by searching the skills or qualities you are interested in.

This website uses intensively recommendation agents. 104 has clear categories for all information. Therefore, with certain key words, you can eliminate useless data and narrow down your options. When you are browsing one applicants CV, 104 will also offer you another people who have similar conditions. This type of employment website relies on their high adaptability as their main competitive advantage. Its automatically selection offers instant information and eliminates useless recruitment process. Its large database of applicants and job vacancies creates massive connections and increase the possibility of success on finding a job or a talent. Another remark for employment websites is that their massive and real-time data enable the government to understand job market and correct its labor policies. For instance, they can easily know most flourish industry currently or what kind to training should offer to the unemployment.

Early marketing is the main reason of 104’s success. 104 introduced the idea of employment website with a massive advertisement campaign and changed the recruitment culture in Taiwan. Its strategy successfully attracts lots of corporations and talents, which became strong competitive advantage for 104.

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