Darahkubiru: Behind a Community Platform

Started as a platform to virtually connect with other denim enthusiasts in Indonesia, Darahkubiru has gained popularity as a trustworthy source to gather many denim-related product reviews. Later on the owner decided to start a company based on the website.


Since 2009, Darahkubiru has been providing many interesting articles regarding denim and other fashion products, ranging from interviews with local brand owners to a proper product treatment. The primary purpose of this website is simply to attract Indonesian youngster to the world of denim as a lifestyle instead of solely about fashion statement (www.darahkubiru.com). After being online for several months and dozens of positive feedback given by its readers, the owner released a forum section in the website to better accommodate the readers communication with fellow denim geek. In the forum, registered users are able to exchange views, comments, and passion about certain product. Within 5 years, the website managed to attract a staggering 16,312 users.

Then how do they gain profit??

The owner (or the company) annually made a deal with some brand to promote, provide reviews, and sometimes a suggestion about what kind of trend or preference there is in Indonesian market. For example, in 2012 the company partner up with Delamibrands (the Indonesian carrier of Lee and Wrangler). Delamibrands then have to pay a certain amount of money for exchange of permission to put Delamibrands banner in the advertisement section of the website and also in any Darahkubiru offline events.

Furthermore, Darahkubiru is also held the biggest denim exhibition in Southeast Asia every year called the Wall of Fades (Soedibjoe, 2013). The market, one of the main agenda in the event, is the most awaited session for most visitors and with approximately 4,000 people attending each year, there are a lot of brands (tenants) who are willing to participate. Darahkubiru rents spaces to the interested tenants.


What is the benefit for being a Darahkubiru partner??

Well, Darahkubiru definitely has a strong influence in Indonesian fashion market. Many local brands have gain popularity in Indonesia as well as internationally after being supported by the website; on the other hand, many have also collapsed after a single criticism from the website contributor. Another benefit of marketing their product in this website is the brand can reach its target customers and react faster to any feedback given by the customers. Here a customer’s idea can be taken into account by the manufacturer, which reflects the switching role of customer from a passive target to a more active contributor in the value co-creation of the brand itself (Tapscott & Williams, 2006). By utilizing the “wisdom of the crowd“, the brand can also reach a broader range of customers since its product will be more likely to fit more customers’ preference. Basically, Darahkubiru acts as a mediator between the brands to its existing or potential customers. There is also some crowdsourcing phenomena which can be seen from how it operates since Darahkubiru can close the gap of information asymmetry between producer and customers.


Is the website only focus on denim related products?

At the beginning, it was. But nowadays it broadens its focus to other fashion product such as leather goods, boots and sneakers, apparel, and even male head essentials.

Interested to find out more about denim? Check www.darahkubiru.com (in Bahasa)



Soedibjoe, A. (2013). Wall of Fades: Southeast Asia’s Biggest Denim Showcase.

Tapscott, D. and Williams, A.D. (2006), Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything, Portfolio, New York, NY.


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