Large Groups Contributing to Large Firms

Today, almost anybody in the world will recognize the logo of the ‘Two Golden Arcs’. This restaurant does not always have a positive image in everybody’s mind. Mediocre quality, fa(s)t food and probably even the extremely hot coffee are negative things associated with this brand. No, McDonald’s does not have the healthiest image. Is that entirely Donald Thompson’s, current CEO of McDonald’s, mistake? The answer is no; society even contributes to further develop this brand. Continue reading Large Groups Contributing to Large Firms B2B market value co-creation

The industry of B2B (Business to Business) trade, the value co-creation stands as the main pillar around which this industry is built, especially in the modern world. Business to business transaction volume currently is much higher than business to consumer transactions (Richard, 2008). What is meant by value co-creation in this context is the value addition to the online B2B marketplace such as and

Furthermore, there are properties and attributes associated with B2B industry that are not present in the everyday B2C (Business to Consumer) environment and so impose a certain number or risks and difficulties on the traders. Such properties and factors include (Kasera,2006): Continue reading B2B market value co-creation

I StumbledUpon something…

Are you in for something new that fits your interests and do you want to look further than the ordinary websites? Do you still have room left on your bookmark toolbar for great and unexpected webpages? Go visit StumbleUpon and ‘stumble upon’ your new favorite website!!


StumbleUpon is an online recommendation agent that uses personal preferences of you and others to create so-called virtual communities. These virtual communities consist of like-minded users that share mutual goals or interests and therefore share certain web-surfing behavior. The virtual networks are used to coordinate the websites that users ‘stumble upon’, based on their listed interests and the recommendations of peers and friends (serving as a sort of ‘word-of-mouth’ referral). Don’t worry that the whole website will be full of ads, or that you are secretly redirected to websites only developed by paying advertisers. Only a small part of all StumbleUpon websites are open for advertisers and these ‘stumbles’ will also be matched to the user’s preferences. Besides, also for these websites stumblers can click ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ and rate the content of the page (Stumble Upon). Continue reading I StumbledUpon something…