Phonebloks and Project Ara, the revolution in smartphones customization

Phonebloks is a modular smartphone concept created and designed by Dave Hakkens, from the Netherlands. The concept aims to reduce electronics waste, to offer incredible customization, and to reduce upgrade costs associated with the 1-2 year upgrade cycle. By attaching individual third-party components – bloks – to a main board, a user would create a personalized smartphone. These bloks can be replaced at will if they break or the user wishes to upgrade, reducing the cost of upgrading to the user, much like the current desktop PC system of upgrading individual components. Bloks would be available in Blokstore, “an app store for hardware” where users could buy new and used bloks as well as sell back their old ones (1).

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An innovation to simplify your everyday life

Welcome to Haier

Haier is a Chinese multinational consumer electronics and home appliances company headquartered in Qingdao, Shandong, China. Its products include air conditioners, mobile phones, computers, microwave ovens, washing machines, refrigerators, and televisions.

Haier has been providing customers with high quality products for 30 years and is the number one brand of Major Appliances in the world with 11.6% retail volume share in 2013.

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Now creating apps is a piece of cake…

Create your own app: Conduit mobile

Mobile applications include everything nowadays. The App economy is showing huge growth and attracts interest of worldwide technology companies who seek new business opportunities. Analyst estimates for downloads of apps in 2013 range from 56 to 82 billion. By the end of 2014 there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people. More and more people are using mobile apps for their everyday tasks because is more convenient while have their smart phones all day in their palms. For that reason, mobile advertising is the new trend and for every business is a must to have its own mobile application in order to stay competitive and continue attracting more customers. Continue reading Now creating apps is a piece of cake…

Mini-case Demand Driven Supply Chain

Along time ago the supply chain of companies looked very much like the model below, which is the traditional retail model. In the traditional retail model standardization is the norm, which means that products are mass produced at the manufacturing plant and then sent to the distribution centers. Afterwards the products are distributed to the stores where consumers can purchase them and then consume them. Because the strategy is based on standardization, no distinction is made between consumers and each product that is manufactured has the same design and undergoes the exact same production process and is afterwards distributed to every consumer in the same fashion. Continue reading Mini-case Demand Driven Supply Chain

Recommendations from

Image is an online retail store that sells a multitude of different products ranging from electronic goods to books and lawn products to animal food. Besides its very wide variety of products, is also very well known for its product recommendation system.

For example: when I go on the website and search for a new PlayStation controller, the website immediately recommends other products, like a charging system or a camera. This generates a lot of value for the consumer, because it helps consumers find products Continue reading Recommendations from

Customer centricity – mini case

Customer centricity

Customer centricity has become more popular or even necessary over the past few years. Companies went from a product centered to a customer centered way of thinking. They became increasingly more aware of the need to increase focus on customer related factors as perceived by the customer, such as customer satisfaction, customer service, customer loyalty and quality. In other words, the essence of the customer centric paradigm lies not in how to sell the product but rather on creating value for the customer. It therefore focuses on  meeting the needs of individual customers. Continue reading Customer centricity – mini case

Brand Communities

What is a brand community and what characteristics its members share?


A brand community is a non-geographically community that is based on a set of social relations among the admirers of a brand (Muniz and O’Guinn 2001).

  1. Consciousness of kind, which means that members have a special bond and connection between one another. This relation is more than the shared attitudes and similarities. Continue reading Brand Communities

An ice cold experience

Do you recognize.. you are sitting at home on the couch with friends and you are thinking about what to do. You do not want to do something ordinary. It should be something different, something you have never done before. In brief, a REAL and new experience. Again a drink in the café around the corner? BORING… In Amsterdam they offer a solution or anyway something different.

In 2006 Ditems Entertainment Group established the first ice bar in the Netherlands, called XtraCold Amsterdam. The bar is located in the center of Amsterdam near to the Amstel. The bar differentiate itself from other random bars, because it is probably one of the coldest bars where you will ever be. The temperature is minus ten degrees. In the ice bar Continue reading An ice cold experience

Peer to Peer Networks

According to Wasko and Faraj, peer-to-peer networks are ‘self-organizing, open activity systems focused on shared practice that exists primarily through computer mediated communication’ (1). Some of the most popular and successful networks are those focused on finding solutions, exchanging best practices, building expertise, and those that also manage to generate meaningful social relationships (2).

One of the two networks we examine in our research is the Apple Support Community (3). It was created to provide support to Apple users, where they can ask questions about technical issues, but also share tips for a more in-depth experience of Apple products.  The other network we selected is Reddit, which is a community run by its users (4). It has Continue reading Peer to Peer Networks



A Lot of people face the common problem of buying fake e-tickets online. This also happened to me once. I was searching for festival tickets and made contact with a vendor though Facebook, I paid her for the e-ticket, but I never received the tickets. After this incident I wasn’t that eager anymore to buy tickets online, but last summer a discovered the possibilities of Ticketswap. This website offers security with the trading of secondhand Continue reading Ticketswap

The future of gaming – Early Access


Traditionally games were fully developed to completion in house by game developers and publishers. However, this process was time consuming and very costly and for independent game developers this was not really an option.  In recent years these game developers have increasingly used the ‘Early Access’ method of game development. Interested gamers can pay to have early access to a game which is offered to them in a playable state, but where the features are not all finished and the game may contain Continue reading The future of gaming – Early Access