Nowadays the market is filled with so many different kinds of wine. But when a person wants to buy a bottle of wine, the problem arises which one to choose? Red, white or rose? Dry or sweet? Many people are confronted with these choices when they are looking for a good wine to drink while having a dinner or for other occasions. Furthermore, people do not have enough knowledge about wines and are overwhelmed by the amount of variety in the market.

The consumer faces many obstacles: Factors like time pressure, different points of purchase, social pressure and unclear information form a barrier for unskilled consumers: ‘wine seekers’ Other consumers which are more skilled, ‘wine lovers’, do not find it a Continue reading

Nowadays international student mobility has increased rapidly. In the Netherlands, expats have significant problems that need to be dealt with when settling down. They encounter several challenges such as language, housing and administrative difficulties. In order to provide an efficient and good solution to help individuals, we came up with is a website which includes useful information and services for international students. Taking into consideration the key benefits of the consumption situation, and the opportunities in the current market we created a table analysis. This allowed us to scrutinize opportunities from which we may benefit from. We found needs that the current competition wasn’t serving. We also realized what our weaknesses are. This is of extreme Continue reading