Travel like a Local, not as a Tourist

LocalizeMe was generated from our personal experience.  The first days we came as students in the city of Rotterdam, we felt like typical tourists trying to find more about the city. Until the moment we came in interaction with local students and created friendships.  At that moment, we started truly to explore the city of Rotterdam, to entertain like locals and to visit hidden places that we would not otherwise have noticed. Similar emotions occur when we visit old friends from different countries.  We have a great travel experience because of the special friends who aid to integrate us immediately to the local community.

But the main question we have to ask is how many travelers they have an authentic and unique travel experience.  Travelers are not anymore satisfied by just visiting touristic places, eating to touristic restaurants, taking photos and buying souvenirs. They get frustrated by following a dull tour guide sharing uninteresting information.  Travelers and especially young people seek for more essential and alternative journeys and vacations. There is a need for a more tailored made experience where travelers can find a unique package that fits in their needs and wants.

LocalizeMe intends to offer a community marketplace that connects travelers and locals and provide a combination of tour guide services and a unique friendship. Travelers can learn the city from a native’s perspective; can experience new cultures and different ways of life. People who anticipate participating in the community can socialize with people from different countries that share common interests. Also, they can improve and practice their English or even learn some basic words of native’s spoken language. Though we are entering in a field where there are a lot of other competitors, we managed to differentiate ourselves from them.

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How LocalizeMe.com Works

We will introduce an online platform with a database of locals. Different travelers have different needs. One local’s profile does not fit for all so it is necessary to provide different profiles of locals to serve the diverse needs of travelers. Also, it is imperative for guests to respond to a small questionnaire.  In this way, the platform will provide recommendations and facilitate guests to reduce time and effort to find the appropriate host. Guests also, should create a profile in order to interact with locals. Then the guest can search for the appropriate local and sent request. When he is being accepted from the local, they can communicate. What follows next is to set up an agreement, finalize the meeting date and share experience.  When travel experience will be finished, the guest should rate and review local’s profile and the local can comment to guest’s profile. We will encourage them to share their authentic experience to social media, such as YouTube.

Guest’s Profile:

  • 18-35 years old
  • Want a life-changing experience
  • Love travelling
  • Want to improve language skills
  • Seek for an alternative type of vacations

The value we deliver to our guests:

  •   Sightseeing
  •   See a city from a local’s perspective
  •   Find secret spots
  •   Feel a homey atmosphere
  •   Make new friends

Host’s profile:


  •  Locals who love to travel
  •  Have an outstanding personality
  •  Have community building skills
  •  Strong presence in social media
  •  Fluent in English or the guest’s native language

What value we deliver to our hosts:

  • Extra pocket money
  •   Advertise their city
  •   Want to offer to the society & the community

Through LocalizeMe.com people from different countries will get together and they will experience different ways of life and cultures. We want to bring people together by creating a community through our website and help them share their experiences via social media. After all, we are aiming on changing the way travelers experience a new destination. 

Hope you will enjoy it and start Localize yourselves!! 😉

Team 5

Dimosthenis Kefallonitis(387019)
Kosmas Kougioumtzis(384796)
Sophia Xafa(383563)

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