Travel like a Local, not as a Tourist

LocalizeMe was generated from our personal experience.  The first days we came as students in the city of Rotterdam, we felt like typical tourists trying to find more about the city. Until the moment we came in interaction with local students and created friendships.  At that moment, we started truly to explore the city of Rotterdam, to entertain like locals and to visit hidden places that we would not otherwise have noticed. Similar emotions occur when we visit old friends from different countries.  We have a great travel experience because of the special friends who aid to integrate us immediately to the local community.

But the main question we have to ask is how many travelers they have an authentic and unique travel experience.  Travelers are not anymore satisfied by just visiting touristic Continue reading LocalizeMe.com



Our idea for a new business is called: Apptivity, what are you app to?

It is a mobile application that offers a platform for searching, choosing and planning activities for consumers in the Netherlands. There are many types of activities like concerts, sports events, performances, gallery openings and so on. We had the bright idea to simplify the time consuming activity search.
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