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For years, people are discussing about the future of paper. Some say it will never disappear wile others predict that everything will be digital soon. My objective is not to choose a side in this discussion but to show an example of a digital magazine in the context of digital experiences. I have been subscribed to the KLM iFLY magazine for years now and every time they notify me that there is a new issue I almost immediately look into it to discover what they have came up with. This magazine gives the opportunity to have an enhanced digital travel experience. iFLY takes you to the most beautiful places in our planet and definitely increases your wanderlust.

The content

In iFLY magazine you can find a variety of destinations around the world. Some of them are very well known but KLM always finds a way to show you hidden treasures on these “common” destinations. The magazine also shows amazing art of local artists. Next to that you can find less known destinations where you can blend in with the locals. There are also themes like: winter destinations, family vacations or discover Europe. Every magazine has also an top 5 of a certain item. Examples are: top 5 most beautiful lakes, or top 5 marathons worth traveling far for. The magazine is also a perfect way to tell people about KLM and the how the company stands out from the rest of the competition. Last but not least there is a change to win a trip to one of the destinations in the magazine.

How technology helps

In this magazine, technology creates a powerful and rich image of the world. It enables one to wander through the magazine and step into other worlds. Sounds, images and video’s are seamlessly connected and go together to form a sensation which is way more intense than a printed. In the article about Human Capability this experience falls in the category performing. This is an individual experience with the purpose to discover, imagine and fantasize about the different locations in the magazine. For KLM it is easy to reach many people via bytes instead of printed magazines. Everything in the magazine can be and is linked to the offerings of KLM. This makes it fun and convenient at the same time.

Quality of the digital experience

Like every experience, a digital experience should have certain characteristics to be successful. When we take a look at the Four Realms of an Experience we can conclude that technology made it possible that this experience can be placed between Entertainment and Esthetic. Technology made it possible to immerse in another world but with little effort. experiencerealms

The experience is also memorable because of the uniqueness of the locations and the people. I still remember thing from many magazines because of the fact that the information stands out from the general tourist information. Another thing that is done very well is engaging senses. Through the use of beautiful images, video and sound if feels like your are stepping into another world.


The Typology of Human Capability: a new guide to rethinking the potential for digital experience offerings
by: Kim C. Korn and B. Joseph Pine II

Welcome to the Experience Economy
by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore

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